Saturday, 8 March 2014

My beauty compare

So, you'd think, since I work for a price comparison website, I'd be all over this!  But actually, this is a recent discovery for me.

my beauty compare

The way it works, you head onto their site, and either search by product or brand etc.  For example, lets say we want to buy a Benefit Coralista blusher.  I went to 'Makeup' on the top navigation, and clicked on 'blushers'.  Once I did that, I had a list of blushers, from there, I clicked on 'Benefit Coralista' and voila! It tells me who on the internet is selling it at the cheapest price!  In this case, it's Debenhams for £21.15 (down from £23.50).  Just click on the 'buy now' button and it's as simple as that!  

different blushers on mybeautycompare

cheapest blusher page
You can also leave reviews on different products too for other customers to read.  As well as makeup, they also sell perfume, skincare and hair products. 

It's a great way to find their best deal on loads of different beauty products across the internet.  It's early days for this site and the comparison of beauty products, historically it's been insurance, so it's nice to see 'comparison' branching out, especially when it means I could save money on makeup :)

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  1. Ive looked at this a few times now and it is a great little site x

    1. Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to get in the habit of using it :D


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