Monday, 3 March 2014

Ted Baker nails

Ted Baker nails with cute sweet shoppe packaging

Ted Baker nail polishes
** Ted Baker Nails £8.50* Pretty perfect (L), Midnight Miracle (R) **

Ted Baker nails painted

How adorable is this little set?  It's from the Ted Baker sweet shoppe, available in Boots.  They come in pairs in lots of different shade combinations (they also do nail wraps for £7.50).

They're decent sized bottles with square lids and standard brushes.  The applicators aren't exactly of the quality of Essie, or OPI for example, but they're not in the same price range so that's to be expected. They're pretty broad, unlike the BarryM nail polishes (I hate the applicators on them, far too narrow!), much better quality than the MUA polishes which have really splayed bristles.

On my nails I have 2 coats of Pretty Perfect, they coverage is pretty decent, it's not the kind of shade that will be fully opaque with 2 coats and I'm fine with that - to me, these soft pinks are more of a 'your nails but better' sort of shade.  The black (Midnight Miracle) has great pigmentation - the dots on my nail were done with one tiny blob and they're proper opaque black.  They dried nice and quickly and didn't chip ridiculously fast.

All in all I think this is a really cute set - ideal as a gift for someone thanks to the cute packaging :)

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