Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Baker Days cake review

Baker days cake

Tin that the baker days cake comes in

party kit with a baker days cake

iced baker days cake

baker days sponge cake
*** BakerDays.com birthday cake £14.99* availalbe on their website http://www.bakerdays.com/ ***

Who doesn't like getting cake through their door?  Yeah, I didn't think any of you would hold your hands up for that one!

The lovely people over at Baker Days approached me the day after my birthday to see if I'd like a nice cake, well, I'm not going to say no to a birthday cake!

On their website you can pick the type of filling (chocolate, choc chip, gluten free, dairy free, sponge
fruit), then you pick the size of cake (mine was 'letterbox').  There's loads of different designs to pick from, I opted for the one that says 'Georgina 365 days lovelier than before' :)

When it arrived, it was packaged neatly in a box.  My husband was amazed that the cake wasn't all smashed up - I think that's all down to how it was made.  Buttercream on the base (helps stick the cake to the board) then the sponge, and then the entire cake as well as the board is sealed in fondant icing.  Then it's put in a bag, and neatly into a pretty tin and then in a box - so there's not much room for movement.  It came with a pretty little card, and much to my surprised a bit of a party kit (3 balloons, 2 candles and a party-whistle-type-thing (no idea what they're called!).

The cake itself was the real surprise.  I'm not sure why, but I expected it to be a bit dry and uninspired, but it was really nice.  The sponge was moist, the buttercream was lovely, sweet but not too sickly and the fondant icing was lovely too.  We demolished it pretty quickly (it is a small cake after all) :)

Whilst I probably wouldn't go to the trouble to buy one of these for myself, I do think they'd make a lovely present, especially for a friend or family member you're close to but don't see very often - I know this would be a lovely treat for my friend Beccy, she's moved from Cardiff to Somerset so I don't see her very often, so maybe next Jan she'll get one of these through her letterbox :)

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  1. I had the same reaction to these cakes as you did, I was surprised at how nice it was x

    1. Yeah they're really tasty! So moist and yummy!

  2. These cakes are fab I had one last yr. I love that the tin looks more brighter than the one I had.

  3. Happy Birthday! I wish I could get cakes sent to me ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  4. I've heard so many good things about these cakes. I LOVE the design on yours :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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