Thursday, 24 April 2014

My favourite makeup brushes

my favourite makeup brushes

favourite brushes

I was thinking at the weekend of different posts to write that aren't just a simple review, and I thought I'd write one about my most used/favourite makeup brushes.  I'm not going to go into massive detail about each brush, just a little summary, but these are the ones that have cemented their way into my everyday makeup routine, ones that I've been using for months, not just currently.

Starting from the left....

E.l.f flat powder brush*
I had this in a goody bag months ago (before Christmas) and ever since that day, I've pretty much used it every single day since.  It's perfect for applying powder evenly over foundation, it picks it up evenly from the pan too, I love it!

Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush
I debated long and hard whether I should purchase this as it was around the £15 mark, but I'm so glad I did, it's now the only brush I use to apply foundation.  It buffs it into the skin beautifully giving a near-flawless finish.  It hasn't shed so much as 1 hair yet, it really is a superior brush and if you wear foundation, I urge you to invest in it :) - previous review here

Models Own blusher brush
This was in a set of 5 brushes for £10 and is the only one I've actually repeatedly used.  If I'm using a super intense blusher, then I do opt for my Real Techniques blusher brush instead as its much bigger so picks up the product much more evenly, but for the blushers I tend to wear most, this is perfect.  It blends really well and is just a great basic brush.

Ulta makeup brush (large shader brush)
This is one for my American friends, this was part of a set with a makeup bag that I had in a makeup swap.  This is fantastic at packing on colour all over the lid.  I tend to use this, then work a 2nd colour into the crease for my daily makeup.  I like it because the bristles are firm and they don't let much shadow fall out, something I battle with!

Bdelium green bambu crease brush* 
This is the crease brush to end all crease brushes!  Not only is it all eco-friendly and swish, it does a bloody good job of blending, picking up product and not letting much fall out :)  It's a great brush and in my opinion, worth every penny :) - previous review here

So there you have it, my top favourite brushes and why I love them :)

Do you use any of these brushes?  Which are your favourites?

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  1. That kabuki brush looks lush!! I don't really use many brushes, my fave is an ELF powder one :)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  2. Who doesn't love Sigma F80? ;) It's my fave too. xx

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  3. Ooh that Sigma brush sounds gooooood! I've never tried any Sigma brushes xx

    1. Sasha! You NEED this brush in your life!!!! Not kidding!

  4. The sigma brush sounds amazing, I’ve been looking for another one to try out to apply foundation! You’ve definitely sold it to me haha x

    1. It is Zoey! You should give it a go :) I was a bit nervous because of the price, but it's probably the best 'brush' purchase I've made :) #noregrets

  5. I really like the elf powder brush but I've had two and they've both broken so I didn't repurchase. I really love Nanshy brushes - the eye and face kit are amazing. Another fave of mine is the eco tools bronzing brush, it's huge but so soft and great for bronzer and powder. x

    1. Oh that's not good :/ I've only had the one, which was in a goody bag and it's been great :D I've heard of Nanshy brushes but not tried them, I'll keep my eyes peeled :)

  6. The Sigma F80 is definitely the one! It's my fave one I own out of all of my brushes and worth the money :)

    Yazmin xx


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