Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Fine Fragrance Body Spray

Fine fragrance body spray Q

The fine fragrance company

For women 'Awe'
Once this was in my mitts I chucked it in my bag, ready for times during the day when I can't smell my perfume anymore, and wanted to smell all fragrant again.  Luckily most of the perfume I wear is long lasting, but that doesn't mean I remember to put it on everyday - that's where Q's 'Awe' steps in.  Whilst I didn't get any compliments from random people, the hubby really did like the smell of it, maybe that's because he was wearing the man version of it, so his nose was already attuned to it :)  Either way, I really like it and would definitely buy it again, especially considering it's so cheap (£2.29*)

Q describes it as "citrus floral aroma opening with top notes of bergamot and Sicilian lemon followed by a green tea accord. The floral heart is dominated by a Summer freesia bouquet supported by a rich smooth background of cedarwood, amber and musk."

For men 'Invigorate'
We were in the car last night and I was quizzing him about it - typical for a man I got a 3 word response 'I like it' - so of course I asked him to elaborate!  He said that it 'lingered' for a long time (I can vouch for this, after him spraying it on about 7:30am, I could still smell it on him about 9pm) and smelled more refined than the likes of Lynx (more grown up).  He said he'd definitely buy it again and was really surprised when I told him it only costs £2.29*.

Q describes it as "clean, fragrant topnotes warm on the skin evolving into deep base notes for confident all over body fragrance and freshness. An aromatic, enlivening woody fragrance with chypre elements and a floral violet facet."

So if you're looking for an alternative to Impulse and Lynx, and want something a little more sophisticated, it's worth giving this a sniff next time in Boots :)

This months Biggest-Pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Jaina from Which Beauty Box UK



  1. Awe is quite a lovely fragrance, it's a shame they are in such bulky cans, so I can't just throw this in my handbag...still a fab product for the price and a more sophisticated version of impulse xox

  2. Hmm I haven't used a body spray since my teens and not sure I would do so now either x

  3. i have one of these that I picked up yesterday in Cardiff as I am in uni 9-5 and worried I will start to smell not so fresh! I love them! x


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