Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Yves Rocher mascara & lipstick review

Yves Rocher lipstick and mascara

Yves Rocher lipstick

Yves Rocher volume vertige mascara

Yves Rocher grand rouge lipstick on lips
lipstick swatch
Yves Rocher mascara

Top row one coat, middle row two coats, bottom row three coats

The good people over at Baobella Boutique approached me about the possibility of reviewing these. After using the Yves Rocher camille cleanser I was definitely interested, that has become a morning and night staple for me so I was keen to try some other products from Yves Rocher.

First up, the mascara.  It's enriched with a fixing botanical extract (their claim), and has a reservoir wand that they say picks up just the right amount of product.  The wand is similar to ones I've seen on other mascaras, but with rubbery bristles, it also has a flexible end (like the Maybelline mega plush). Until now I wasn't sure how that would be useful (it seemed pointless with the Maybelline one), but when I used this after the first coat, I found that the flexible wand made the bristles cling to my lashes better, the result being - more mascara on my lashes, and the bristles brushing through them better.

I think this might be one of the best mascara's I've ever used, and that's saying something.  It thickens, curls and lengthens, giving me magnificent lashes - I'm sure looking at the pics you'll agree!?  The Yves Rocher Volume Vertige mascara costs just £10.50* at the moment which includes 50% discount.  It compares with all other mascaras I've tried, both high street and high end and looking at these pictures, I think it shows them all up too :)

Next up, the lipstick, or should I say Yves Rocher Grand Rouge lipstick in Shining Pink.  Both products have nice sleek packaging and feel pretty good quality.  The lipstick is an unusual colour, sort of like a blushy dusky pink, with a soft shimmer (not glittery).  It's very hydrating and not drying at all, and very well pigmented.  It's not going to stay on your lips all day, it has pretty typical wear of a couple of hours without needing a touch up, but my favourite thing about it is the colour, it's so pretty and not quite like any other I've seen, it's pretty perfect for my skintone too :)  If you're interested in picking this up, it costs £9.75 at the moment (which is with 50% off) over on their website.

What do you think of these?  Would you purchase either of them?

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  1. I haven't used Yves Rocher in a long time, but I really like their body care range and the mascara seems fab :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I remember them, and Yardly from when I was a kid (mum had them, and put them in my Christmas stocking) - everything I've tried of theirs recently I've really loved. Their camille cleanser is my daily cleanser, it's so gentle :)

  2. Both of these look really good, especially the mascara. Love the lipstick colour on you x

    1. Thanks Megan :) I was quite excited when I saw the colour they'd sent me, I thought "Yep, that's a 'me' colour' :)

  3. This mascara makes your lashes look so long! Very pretty. The lippy is a pretty wearable colour too

    1. I know - it's SUCH a great mascara, I've used it every day this past 2-3 weeks :) Yeah, love the lipstick colour :)

  4. I'm currently reviewing a different mascara from there, impressive things aren't they? xx

    1. Oh cool :D Yeah, I'm super-duper impressed with this little one :)


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