Thursday, 19 June 2014

May empties

May 2014 empties

I'll be honest, I don't always remember to save my empties (bad blogger), however, I do have a bit of a stash to share with you and a quick summary on what I thought of each one.

L'Oreal Ever Pure shampoo & conditioner
I initially really liked these back when I reviewed them.  But after using them more and more, I realised they were starting to really weigh my hair down.  I feel like they had a lot of silicone in them which is what made me need to wash my hair every day when I was using these, but I certainly wouldn't buy them again... 

Naked Colour shampoo
This smelt lovely, like cinnamon, mmmmmmmm, but, and it's a big but, it didn't lather very well.  I'm afraid lots of these products were a bit of a labour to get through :/  Would I buy it again? Maybe... it's good for stripping back my hair but I feel that it needs a very good conditioner to go with it, as after rinsing the shampoo out, my hair was feeling quite straw like.

Original Source lime shower gel
This is a bit of a simple but good product.  Most of the Original Source shower gels I really like, especially the citrus ones.  I tend to shower in the morning, so those 'wake-up' scents are what I lean towards the most.  If I have something different (like the Korres one coming up) they tend to take me ages to get through as I'll only use them in the evening, and since I shower in the morning, an evening shower is a rarity :)

Korres vanilla and cinnamon shower gel
A gorgeous rich lathery shower gel, this was a big winner for me.  However, read up one and you'll see it took me a long time to get through it since it's not the scent I'd opt for in a morning shower.  Would I buy it again? Yes, I really did like it, but I need to weed my collection down quite a bit first and by the time I come to that, the baby will be here and I won't be able to afford £8 for a shower gel, so in reality, I probably won't end up buying it again :P

This must be my... 4th bottle I've gone through, I'm close to finishing another one, and I have 2 backups in the cupboard that I bought when I was in France in Jan, so there'll be more empties of these to come!  It's a good product, great at getting eye makeup off, even pesky waterproof mascara, however I always make sure I cleanse afterwards as I don't really like the way this makes my skin feel (slightly sticky).

So there you have it, not too many empties over the last month, I'll try to do these post more often, but it would help if I'd remember not to throw away all my empties.  I'm sure I have like, 3 empty hand moisturisers in my handbag too that I keep meaning to put in one of these posts :P



  1. im just finishing my naked detox shampoo and it doesn't lather too well either! I think because there natural.

    Catherine x

    1. Yeah - I don't mind products not lathering that well as that's added in, but this was hard to work with :/

  2. I really must try out one of the Original Source shower gels. They sound so good!

    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. I work my way through bottles of Bioderma too! It's amazing stuff.
    I've always been a fan of the Original Source products too.

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. Yeah it's so good at removing eye makeup! Original Source always smell so good :D Cheap and cheerful :D

  4. I definitely need to try bioderma! It's just so hard to get a hold of.
    Carolyn | BLOG

    1. Oh Carolyn, you NEED to try it! So good at removing makeup :) You still need to cleanse after etc, but it's really good :)


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