Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Body Shop wish list

Body shop wish list

First off, before I get into this post, I just want to say sorry I've been away this past week or so - I was spending my evenings preparing for a job interview (didn't get the job), then I was ill, and then I was away for a long weekend and this is the first opportunity I've had to blog, so thought I'd come back with a list of things I've been lusting after from The Body Shop.

1 & 5 -  Mango & pink grapefruit body sorbet £8 each
I've seen these bouncing around on twitter and blogs, they sound nothing short of awesome.  They say it's light and fast absorbing, keeping your skin hydrated for up to 24 hrs.  They described it as "a breakthrough sorbet texture instantly melts into skin for a frosty burst of fresh moisture" - now that sounds like something I want to get my mitts on!

2 - Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Scrub £14
Described as a zesty citrus scrub, with lemon and grapefruit, nom! I normally shower in the mornings and when I do, I love really citrusy scents, I'm convinced they help to wake me up :D  That aside I do love a good body scrub or polish, they always leave my skin feeling super smooth :)

3 - Honey body butter & body scrub £13 each
Honey is one of my favourite scents (and flavours!) and ever since these came out, I've had my eye on them.  The last Body Shop body butter I bought was the blueberry one, which I've nearly finished, I absolutely love it and I'm gutted I can't find it on their site :(  However, the honey one might be a great replacement - and I needn't bang on about the body scrub :)

4 - Raspberry body butter £13
Can you see a trend here? Yep, love body butters and scrubs - my favourite things from the body shop. Raspberries are one of my favourite fruits and I love how sweet they smell.  I can only imagine how amazing this must smell - I want it!

6 - Raspberry shower gel £4
You always need shower gel and I tend to get through my fair share of it, so I don't like spending too much money on it, otherwise I get really precious over it and use a really stingy amount.  This range is picked with early-harvest raspberries, and this shower gel is soap free :)

So there's my Body Shop wish list, what would be top of your list?



  1. I'm dying to try the Sorbets, they look gorgeous!

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  2. The raspberry body butter smells amazing! I'm also loving the body sorbets.


    1. Aww you're making me want to get it more!!!

  3. Just a heads up, if you have skin that needs moisture, the sorbets aren't for you x

  4. I have bought far too much from the Body Shop recently because of their £25 off £50 spend, they just know how to reel me in! xx

    1. Yeah why do they always do such great offers!

  5. The Body Shop has released so many great products this year & I have the longest wishlist too. The Body Sorbets sound so Summery. I also want to try the Instablur & the new additions to the Vitamin E range. If I go in I will spend a fortune

  6. I've got the raspberry perfume and it is gorgeous! Want to try the scrub x


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