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Clarins Autumn makeup

New Clarins products for Autumn 2014

Clarins Autumn 2014 releases

Clarins Autumn 2014 creme shadows

Clarins eye shadow primer

Clarins ombre matte creme shadows swatched

Clarins ombre matte shadow in sparkle grey on the eye lid - side on

Clarins ombre matte shadow in sparkle grey on the eye lid

You may recall last week I posted about some amazing Clarins releases for this Autumn?  Well, I was a very lucky girl and the lovely people at Clarins sent me some of the products from their Autumn line up, and golly, did I get lucky!  You see the eye shadow in the pic above - yeah, it's pretty much my favourite eye shadow right now!

Anyway, instead of me rambling on in glee at how pretty these are, how about I talk like a normal non-squeeing person about them eh?

First up, the eye shadow primer.  It reminds me of the Urban Decay Eden primer, in that it has a skin colour which evens out your lids, as well as prime them ready for eye shadow.  I've used it every day this last week, with different eye shadows, not just the ones above and for quality I think it's pretty much on-par with Urban Decay too.  I get about the same amount of crease-free hours (about 6 - I have VERY oily lids) and it does create a lovely even base for my shadows to sit on.  However, for me and my extreme lids, I do still find the Smashbox 24 hr eye shadow primer lasts longer - but if you don't have terribly oily lids like me, this shouldn't be a problem (I think I'm a little unique in this respect)!

Next, the creme shadows.  The formula for these isn't like anything else I've experienced.  It feels and behaves like a powder, with the pigmentation and creaminess of a creme shadow - they really are very unique from anything I've ever tried.  I received three different shades: 05 sparkle grey, 02 nude pink and 06 earth.  All are gorgeous and play their different parts in their Autumn line-up.  The nude pink creates a beautiful base for a soft day look, the earth shade is perfect for a warm smokey look or all over brown, and lastly, my favourite, sparkle grey - the only shade which isn't really a matte, but has a soft shimmer, is a beautiful grey/gunmetal/taupe colour.

These shadows blend beautifully, especially sparkle grey, I absolutely love wearing this, it'll be perfect for Autumn.  These 'creme' shadows are the first ones I've used where I haven't applied a normal eye shadow over the top (normally, creme shadows crease on me within an hour) but because of their unique formula, they behave more like a shadow than a creme.

All in all I love all of these, especially the sparkle grey and earth ombre matte creme shadows, they're fantastic quality and the colours and pigmentation are amazing, I'll certainly be wearing these a lot over the cold months.

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*This post contains PR samples


  1. These eye shadows look super pretty they really do. Up until now I have never tried any make up from Clarins, I keep looking but haven't yet made the leap.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. Amy I'd highly recommend popping to their stand and swatching these for yourself, they're so different from any creme shadow I've ever tried.

  2. The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is amazing! I might have to give these a try. Such nice colours too.

    1. You really should - their whole Autumn line up has really got me ready for Autumn, such gorgeous colours :)

  3. The pigmentation and finish of the eye shadows is truly stunning! I think Clarins is really over looked as a makeup brand although a lot of their skincare is quite renowned :)

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    1. The quality and pigmentation really are awesome - and yeah, you're right, I think they are often overlooked and shouldn't be :)

  4. The pigmentation of these shadows looks incredible! I'm definitely going to pick one up to try after seeing how beautiful the shadows look on you! The formula sounds really interesting too. Alice xx

    1. You really should have a swatch next time you're in Boots, I think you'll be impressed :)


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