Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Makeup Revolution - The One foundation

Makeup Revolution 'The One' foundation

Makeup Revolution The One foundation on half my face

Makeup Revolution The One foundation all over

Makeup Revolution 'The One' foundation - finished face

When the lovely people at Makeup Revolution sent me a package of their products to try, I was dubious.  There was so much hype (much like there was with MUA) that the products had a lot to live up for.

Pitched as 'one' foundation for everyone - much like Lord of the Rings (one ring to rule them all) - they believe that this will be the only foundation you reach for.  It's available in an impressive range of 16 shades, which is a lot to boast for any makeup brand.

It's a very runny formula and needs a good shake - the consistency is similar to the L'Oreal nude magique eau de teint foundation.  I had shade 3 - it looks quite yellow when you pour it out, but as you blend it in it seemed to adjust (sounds strange I know) to suit my skin.

I've had mixed experiences of this - mostly positive.  It all depends on how well I've been looking after my skin.  If I'm exfoliating daily with my Origins gin-zing exfoliator, and moisturising regularly then this sits on my skin beautifully.  It gives a pretty matte finish, especially when paired with a good setting powder.  However, if I've neglected my skin and it's become a little dry it does have a tendency to cling to any dry patches on my skin - so make sure you moisturise and prime first. 

I typically have combination skin with a very oily t-zone and dry cheeks (all very extreme since becoming pregnant) - I think this would be best suited to either oily or normal skin.

If you're interested in giving this a whirl, you can find it at Makeup Revolution counters for £4* or on their website.



  1. I prefer a matte finish with foundation so this one looks like a good choice. I'll have to try this one out x



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