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August Degustabox

August Degustabox

Welcome to the August Degustabox - my first ever one!  As you can imagine I was very excited to give this a try as I've seen so many great reviews about it, the only trouble with food boxes like this, they often contain meat, and being a vegetarian that makes things difficult.  Well, this time around it's more awkward as due to the pregnancy I have gestational diabetes, so other than the tonic water in this box, none of the rest of it I can actually have.  However, my dear husband can have all of it - and it's literally some of his favourite food (croissants, brioche, tortillas etc).  So, he's VERY excited to delve in!  

Above each picture will be a description of the product & how much it costs etc.

Lindt tin of heart chocolates - £3.49
Who doesn't love Lindt?  Personally I'm a big fan of their chocolate, and the hubby even more so.  It's fair enough to say, these were demolished as soon as the pics were taken by said hubby.  He assured me they were up to their usual nommy standard :)

Lindt milk hearts

Schwartz flavour shots - 2 for £1.39
These work as a base and shot of flavour for your meat, or if you're me, your Quorn.  At the moment, I'm struggling with Quorn (thanks to my pregnancy tastes) but as soon as the baby is born I'll be back all over it :)  My plan is (and let me know if you'd like to see a recipe post about this) so use the paprika chicken one with Quorn fillets or chunks, and serve it with white basmati rice - the other one (mexican fajitas) will be used with Quorn chunks and served in a tortilla with sour creme, grated cheese and lettuce, nom!

Schwartz flavour shots

Dr Oetker edible wafter cupcake cases - £2.50
These you can pick up at Tesco or Asda and mean that when you make cupcakes, you don't need to take the paper off, you can eat the whole thing!  Funnily enough, since GBBO has been on, the hubby has had the urge to bake, not something he's done before - so I've set him a challenge to make some cupcakes with these :)

Dr Oetker edible wafer cupcake cases

Fever tree tonic water & ginger beer - £1.69 each
Specialising in tonic waters and other mixers, they only use the highest quality natural ingredients which gives them a clean, subtle and balanced taste.  I'm really looking forward to trying the ginger beer once the baby is born, I think it'll be lovely and refreshing, mmmm :)

Fever Tree tonic water and ginger beer

Cawston press Apple & Pear juice - £1.89 for 3
These are formulated for kids and mixed with 40% water to make it a little lighter.  There's no added sugar (so hopefully your little ones won't get hyper) and nothing artificial added :)  This is another thing the hubby demolished after I'd photographed it - he said it was very yummy :)

Berry White peach & goji berry - £1.59 each
This is one product I'm considering packing into my hospital bag - I'll need something to give me some natural bursts of energy when I'm in labour, so this'll be one to take with me.  It's an organic drink made with fruits and healthy extracts with no added sugar or fruit sugar.  You can pick these up in a range of stores as well as Ocado and Waitrose.

Cawston press & Berry White

Brioche Pasquier - £1.69
Now, these are not going to last long in my home, both the hubby and I love brioche, except it's only him that's able to eat it at the moment, so it'll be his to enjoy :)  The Pasquier family started baking brioche in 1936 in the west of France.  They're freshly baked, I can vouch for how soft and squidgy the feel.  It's going to be hard resisting these!


Croissants by Pasquier - £1.79
These butter croissants feel so soft, you just know they're going to taste amazing (hubby gets the pleasure of tasting these).  They make a delightful addition to breakfast, or just as a snack.  You can either eat them as they are, or cut them open and add a filling, like nutella, jam, honey, butter, or something savoury like ham and cheese.  This range is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Croissants au beurre

Caribbean twist (Strawberry daiquiri) - £2.50
This will either be a treat for me post-baby and breast feeding, or it'll be one for the hubby, either way I don't mind :)  It's a ready to drink Caribbean style cocktail made with 7.5% real fruit juice.  Best kept chilled they suggest pouring it over ice for perfection.  It's available in a range of UK supermarkets like Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Iceland and stores like Bargain Booze and Savers.  Early Sept it'll also be available in Morrisons.

Caribbean twist

Mexican Dave's tortillas - £1.00
Now, this is definitely one for the hubby, he LOVES tortillas (I'm not such a fan), so when we pop to the supermarket later, no doubt he'll pick up some salsa and sour cream and have himself a bit plate of nachos with cheese, salsa and sour cream tonight :)  Mexican Dave's don't compromise on ingredients, flabour or quality.  Nothing artificial inside, they're cooked with sunflower oil and contain no MSG :)  They're available in Tesco stores from the 25th August.

Mexican Dave's Tortillas

Also included in the box was a voucher for 'Degustabox Fridge' - this is a coupon that they've launched this month for something chilled, mine is for Moma breakfast pots (yoghurt with muslei).  I popped to my local Sainsburys but it seems they're not being stocked at any Sainsburys in Wales just yet, so instead of holding up this post until I can get hold of them, I thought I'd just give them a mention :)

Given that this is my first Degustabox I have nothing to compare it to, however I have been really impressed with what's inside.  It costs £12.99 a month and you're getting close to £20 worth of goods, what's more, the lovely people at Degustabox have given me a discount code for you for your first box, so if you want to give it a try you can have... 

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  1. Looks an interesting box. Some bits in it I already love like Fever Tree & Cawston Press x

  2. interesting box! love the edible cupcake cases such a good idea x

  3. I think this box was their best yet, I'm very tempted to sign up with them!
    Summer x

  4. This is a great value box! I've been very tempted to sign up to a food box recently, I like the look of the Vegan Kind box too xx


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