Friday, 10 October 2014

Guest Post | Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Hey Guys,

So Georgina has gone to have her baby (so happy for her!) and I'm today's guest blogger! I'm Laura from, huge beauty and fashion lover with an obsession with buying things from 

Urban Decay Perversion mascara

Last week, I was doing my usual cup of tea and sitting at my laptop at 6pm, waiting to see which beauty products were going to be on the latest cohorts.  I saw that Urban Decay's Perversion Mascara and Subversion Eye Primer had a discount and had to buy it. I saw years back, a lot of drugstore beauty brands had eye primers, or just simply white mascaras, to go under black mascara to make your eyelashes stand out more, without the clumps. I knew Urban Decay's mascara was going to be amazing due to the thick brush, so it's win-win to have my eyelashes looking thick, long and black, without looking like spiders legs.

Perversion mascara wand

After applying the primer, my eyelashes just looked a tiny bit lighter, as I have really blonde natural lashes. I let it set in a little, then applied the Perversion mascara. After 1 coat (yes, just one!) my eyelashes looked long and full, like I had an extra set of thin false eyelashes on. To me, this is how eyelashes should be. I don't tend to wear "no makeup - makeup" looks as I want to feel like I have it on, and its obvious, but not like I'm about to go out on the town. I like my eyelashes to be full as my eyes are my best feature, I think. 

Usually, I'll apply a few coats of mascara, to get the desired look, but with this I only need one. That means more for your money, in terms of how long my mascara will last. Plus with the discount from Cohorted, my bank barely noticed that I had spent money! If you're looking for a semi-expensive mascara that is worth the money, go to your nearest UD and ask about this, because I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Thank you again Georgina and the best of luck with having your baby! So excited for her, as should all of you! If you want to have a nose at my blog, head over to or @laurahadleyx on twitter.

Thank you so much Laura for this lovely post - I might have to get this and try it out!  I used to love the UD Skyscraper mascara, an old fav :)  Make sure you head over and check out her fab blog :D


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  1. I really want to try this, it sounds like such a lovely mascara and the primer sounds amazing xx


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