Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Makeup Revolution Awesome eye pencils

Makeup Revolution Awesome eye pencils

Makeup Revolution Awesome eye pencil tips

Makeup Revolution eyeliner swatches
Once again Makeup Revolution are up to their old tricks with more new launches, this time, it's all about eyeliner (and brows).  Here's a breakdown...

Inner eye brightener
I'd say the consistency of this is a little thicker than a standard kohl, and most definitely longer lasting!  I swatched this yesterday on my hand, and after washing my hands several times since, it's pretty much still 100% there!  I'm excited to use this on my waterline and see how long it lasts when subjected to my eyes!  Of the collection, this is also the only pencil that isn't double ended.

Kohl & flick dual eyeliner
I love the idea of this - kohl at one end (and a well pigmented and pretty soft one at that), and a liquid eyeliner at the other end.  Saves space in your makeup bag

Double flick liquid eyeliner
This is a neat product - a double ended liquid eyeliner with brush tips, each end being different, one with a thick tip, and one with a more tapered thinner tip for a more precise flick, line or cat eye.  As you can see in the pic, the pigmentation is great - I haven't used this on my eyes yet so can't comment on how well it lasts and whether it transfers, I'll get back to you about that :)

Dual brow arch & shape
Another double-ended product, this one has a brush at one end with a fairly sheer liquid, ideal for simulating the hairs of your brows if you want to draw some in to give a fuller appearance, and the other end is a normal pencil with a waxy texture to help shape your brow.

My first impressions with all of these are good - I can't wait to use them and really put them to the test to see just how well they work.  If you're interested in checking these out, Makeup Revolution are selling them for £3.50 each on their online store.

Just to be clear - these products have only been swatched - I'll be reviewing them properly in weeks to come as I use them, for now I just wanted to let you know they existed and show you some swatches :)

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*This post contains PR samples


  1. I like the look of the inner eye brightener in nude, looks like the perfect shade to use on the waterline x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  2. I like seeing first impressions with reviews later on - sometimes new products are too good to wait to be shared :) Will be looking forward to your full reviews. (also, all your instagram photos are just so adorable lately - congratulations again on your beautiful baby, your updates make me so broody haha) xxx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  3. Love the look of all of these.. The eye brightener looks amazing!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  4. Yeah I can't wait to give them a proper try!

  5. Cool :D Yeah, sometimes you just want to tell people about stuff and test it later :) Aww, thanks :D I've turned into one of those annoying mummies that share millions of pictures of their baby :P

  6. Ohh, can't wait for your review on the dual eyeliner and the double flick eyeliner!

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - fashion, beauty + lifestyle

  7. The liquid eyeliner looks fabulous! I need it!

    Reflection of Sanity

  8. Don't know why but I still haven't ordered anything from Makeup Revolution yet. Everyone is talking about them! Definitely would add these to the cart when I make an order. Thanks for sharing xx

    Bonnie ♥

  9. I like the look of the brow pen - could be a good budget dupe for S&G Archery! Look forward to your thoughts xx


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