Saturday, 22 November 2014

PicStick fridge magnets & discount code

PicStick fridge magnets on the fridge

PicStick of Matilda's cute paws

Matilda looking smug fridge magnet

Matilda looking over her shoulder like a celebrity

Close up of a PicStick fridge magnet - Matilda close up

How adorable are these fridge magnets?  I mean yeah, I might be biased and think they're cute because they have pics of my cat Matilda on there, but still, CUTE!

I got these from PicStick - they're £9.50* for a sheet of 9 magnets - you simply create an account on their website, upload the images you want to use and that's it, 2 days later (that's how quick it was for me, but depends on Royal Mail of course) the sheet of magnets turn up on your doorstep ready for you to adorn your fridge.  They're on a sheet and kiss-cut (I think that's the right term) which means you just need to pull them apart as they're pre-cut.  They pulled apart really easily and without tearing any of the magnets and if I do say so myself, they look pretty sweet on the fridge :)

While I'm sure fellow pet lovers like me wouldn't hesitate to spend £10 on something like that, they could also be a lovely gift for someone for Christmas - off the top of my head, you could use them for:
  • Pics of your baby, then give them as presents to grandparents
  • Pet pics of a friends pet for them for Christmas
  • Selfie pics and nights out pics for your friends

There's lots of possibilities, you just need the pics to upload and that's it :)  Now, the lovely people over at PicStick have also given me a 25% discount to share with you all, just enter the code PIXI325 when you're at the checkout for 25% off :)

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  1. Oh these look amazing! I might have to get my Mum some of these as a Christmas present!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  2. Really cute... but how gorgeous is Matilda :)

    India XX


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