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December Degustabox & Discount code

December 2014 Degustabox

December Degustabox contents
You'll have to excuse the poor photography, this turned up when it was dark out, and there was an air of desperation to try some of the food out right away, so it had to be snapped in poor lighting, I'm sure you'll excuse me :)  Here's a closer look at what was in the box :)

Gloworm - premium mixers (£1.50 each)
These come in 4 different flavours (pictured) each aimed at being a mixer for a different spirit, such as raspberry & orris for vodka, cucumber & apple for gin, pear, spice & lime for rum, and then ginger & lemongrass for bourbon (mmmmmmm).  I've yet to try these as I don't have any spirits in the house at the moment and I'm still not drinking after having a baby, however, I will be taking them with me to the in-laws for Christmas day :)  Oh, and these have caffeine in them (think Red Bull) and they're sugar-free.

Gloworm luxury mixers

Pukka clean green tea with lemon - £2.39
I'm a big fan of green tea, especially when it's married with lemon, it's like they were meant to go together!  This particular brand have combined fair-trade green tea, with scicillian lemons and dandelion root.
Pukka green tea with lemon

Fry light infuse with chilli £2.00
Now this intrigues me.  Most weeks I make a vegetarian chilli, with 5 different kinds of bean, and quorn chunks - the chunks I normally fry in olive oil, but this might be a great match - next time I make it, I'll be trying it with this :)
Fry light infuse chilli

The Chia Co - Oats with chia £1.70
Since I've been on maternity, and since I've been trying to save money, I've gotten back into porridge (made with milk of course!).  I'm quite keen to try this as it's porridge with the added health benefit of chia seeds and coconut oil.  It's a 'just add water' pack, so simple to make.  Chia seeds are a great source of protein (something I lack being a veggie), fibre and omega-3.
Eat Chia

Bonne Maman coarse orange marmalade £2.30
A bit of a cult preserve is Bonne Maman, perfect for adorning your toast in the morning - I think I might try this on Christmas morning with a chai latte in my Tassimo before we head over to the in-laws - it'll have to be on fresh crusty bread of course :) 
Bonne Maman orange marmalade

Kent's Kitchen meal kit £2.50
Now, this was made for me, surely? (surname is Kent!).  This is a clever take on the jars of sauce with spice you can buy in the supermarket, except this is a system of 3 pots with all natural ingredients, an oil, powder spices and a sauce to make a complete meal (when you add meat & veg).  I've given this to the in-laws (the Kents!) as it contains fish and I'm veggie :)
Kent's kitchen

Bahlsen biscuits £1.79 per box
Now these were the first thing eaten demolished and they were amazing!  Hubby liked them both equally, but my personal fav was the ones with caramel, mmmmmm.  The biscuit was firm and the chocolate thick and creamy.  If I see these in the shops again, I'll be buying a box :D
Bahlsen biscuits

Popchips £1.79
I think most bloggers have had these whether in a goody bag or bought a pack themselves.  They're heat-popped crisps that have a lot less calories than normal crisps, thanks to how they're cooked (not fried or baked).  They have a great amount of flavouring on them too, and are super-duper moreish - these were demolished for breakfast the next morning.

Eisberg alcohol-free wine £3.49
Perfect for breastfeeding mummies or designated drivers (or even people on a diet).  I haven't tried this yet, so can't comment on it, but it is in my fridge waiting to be had!  It's made in exactly the same way as normal wine, but has the alcohol removed - it's available in chardonnay, rose, cabernet sauvignon and riesling.
Eisberg alcohol free wine

This has been a great box, for me the biscuits, popchips, green tea, marmalade and gloworm mixers were the highlights.  It's £12.99 a month which is quite reasonable (on par with beauty boxes) and for you lovely peeps, they've given me a discount code for £3 off your first box :)  Here's the code: AC0QX.

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  1. Ohh I love those biscuits. Reminds me to go and buy a packet!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I like eat biscuits, these look so yummy.


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