Saturday, 20 December 2014

Makeup Revolution blush & bronzer palettes

The lovely people over Makeup Revolution have been at it, AGAIN!  Honestly, I can't keep up with all the new things they release, and what I can't get over is how what they do release is really good quality - how do they do it?

Anyway, I digress, they've released some lovely blusher and bronzer palettes, and while I haven't given them a good road test yet, I thought I'd let you know about them, and show you some swatches.

All about pink blush palette
This 8-shade palette has a combination of matte and shimmer shades, and the two on the far right, I'd suggest using as highlighters (the top right one is stunning - whereas for me, the bottom right one is more of an inner corner of the eye highlight).  The pigmentation on them is really good and with a nice variety of pinks.  The shade 2nd from the left on the bottom row is the only glittery/sparkly shade in the pinks (not including the highlight shades on the far right).

All about pink blush palette

All about pink blusher palette swatches

All about cream blush palette
Now this one is a special palette, featuring all cream blushers, no highlights, just a wide range of cream blushers.  What I loved when I swatched these was the consistency, they're really buttery but not greasy.  They're very, very well pigmented and appeared to blend really well.  I love the range of colours included too, from deep corals to light candy pinks.

All about cream blusher palette

All about cream blusher palette swatches

All about bronze palette
What I don't like is bronzers or bronze palettes that are all shimmery, you can't really contour with that and that's how I use bronzers.  That's what I like about this, out of 8 shades, 5 of them are matte, 2 are baked and one is proper shimmery (could be nice on your d├ęcolletage).  I'll be honest, I did find I had to work with the baked bronzers to get a good swatch, so you might have more difficulty with these if you buy the palette for these shades.  The rest of them are well pigmented, soft and blendable and the lighter shades (the ones suited to me) have no hint of orange :)

All about bronzer palette

All about bronzer palette swatches

So there you have it, more new releases from Makeup Revolution - each of these you can pick up on their website, or in a Superdrug that stocks them, for £6* each - great value for 8 blushers/bronzers that are really decent quality.

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*Post contains PR samples


  1. I don't think I would use too many of the shades on either palette, but they are both amazing x

  2. I love bright pink blushers. I have one of Revoutions other blusher palettes and didn't think they were too bad for the price x

  3. I wanted to buy the bronzing one but the one you swatched is too warm for me, and I think it's too warm for contouring in general but dear god! those blushes :o

    Great post!

  4. I have the eye shadow palette from Makeup Revolution and I LOVE it. Can't wait to try these. I was looking for a blush and Contour palette. This one now seems a pretty good option since the other's are wayyyy to expensive and Makeup Revolution is so affordable. Thanks for the Review :) it helped.

  5. Ohh the colours of the Blush Palette are beautiful! ^ u ^

  6. The cream blush palette is gorgeous! I still need to try so many products from Makeup Revolution, they just have so many good products available.

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