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Best products of 2014

It's a little overdue, I was hoping to have this post wrapped up by early Jan, but better late than never! So without further ado, here's my top products of 2014 (not necessarily products released in 2014, just my most used and favourite products).

Foundations of 2014
Makeup Forever HD foundation
When I was rounding up images and posts for this, I realised I'd never actually written a full review of this, so there will be one in coming weeks, but for now we'll just have a quick summary - MUF HD foundation has a fantastic coverage (akin to Estee Lauder Double Wear) but without being too heavy.  It has a lovely matte finish and is very long wearing - a new discovery for me in 2014.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation
This really is a stunning foundation - it makes skin look flawless and slightly dewey, such a great dupe for the NARS sheer glow - a foundation I will definitely re-purchase - I tend to alternate between this one and the MUF HD foundation (when I'm not trying a new one). [review here]

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation
This was probably overall my favourite foundation of the year, it was a birthday treat to myself back in April and I just loved it - perfect for oily skin, it sits beautifully and gives a really velvety finish, just as the name suggests, it really is a luxury foundation. [review here]

Eye liners of 2014
Collection Fast Stroke Liner
I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this, it has the most beautiful finish, it's jet black and very matte - it doesn't budge, transfer or flake, but the applicator leaves a lot to be desired - it's rigid and tends to get all over your lashes, if the applicator was different, this would probably be my all time favourite as the formula is so good - but it's cheap as chips which helps. [review here]

Dolly Wink eyeliner
This is a really lovely liner, it's in the form of a pen, with fine bristles meaning you can create a really fine point when creating your flick, again it doesn't budge either - something that's a must when you have oily lids that are very hooded. [review here]

Bourjois Liner Pinceau
This was a recommendation from Sandara who blogs over at The Black Pearl Blog - it's her all time favourite so I thought I'd give it a go.  In fairness, she's right, it's fab, it stays put, easy to use and has a lovely finish.  Looking at the list above, it's nice to see that this year, all my favourites are from the high street, all affordable :) [review here]

Blushers of 2014
New CID i-glow blusher
A recent favourite of mine as I only discovered it in the last quarter of the year, but this blusher really is gorgeous.  It's almost like a pink highlighter too, really beautiful.  You get a lot of product for your money too as it's a very generous size - this really does look stunning on the cheeks, especially if you have a very matte foundation on. [review here]

NARS blusher in Dolce Vita
I really am a sucker when it comes to berry toned blushers, especially if they're matte.  Sadly, sometime earlier in the year I lost my NARS Orgasm blusher, I would have thought it would have turned up by now, it must be lost with my MAC creme cup lipstick... anyway, I digress! This blusher is beautifully pigmented and in the usual lovely NARS packaging. [review here]

Sephora blusher in Healthy Rose
Another great matte blusher, and such a pretty colour.  I picked this up when I was in France at the beginning of 2014 for my brother's funeral and it was probably my most used blusher of 2014, it's perfect for really pale skin too as it's not too over the top. [review here]

Eye shadow palettes of 2014
Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette
Holy moly did I have a hard time picking just 3 palettes!  I ended up deciding on these 3 based on their swatches.  The romantic smoked palette was so gorgeous, you should see the swatches (linked at the end of this paragraph) - the formulation is fantastic and the colours, just stunning, one of many Makeup Revolution palettes I've loved over the last year. [review here]

Makeup Revolution Disappear til dawn palette
This was the first palette from Makeup Revolution that I used and I fell in love with it so quickly. I love how it's so good for travelling as it's very petite and compact - and as always, pigmentation and formula are fantastic.  You have to love the price point of Makeup Revolution, each palette just a few ££s. [review here]

Urban Decay Vice 2 palette
Now I couldn't have Makeup Revolution stealing all the spotlight.  I had this for Christmas in 2013 and absolutely loved it - it's the quality you've come to love and expect from Urban Decay with a great variety of colour, textures and finishes, all wrapped in a gorgeous purple case. [review here]

Best mascaras of 2014
Bourjois 1 Seconde mascara
This really is a fantastic mascara, I have both the waterproof and non-waterproof versions - it gives fantastic long, volume-filled lashes making them look amazing, please have a look at my review to see the pics of my lashes and you'll see for yourself [review here]

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara
This was the first piece of makeup from Giorgio Armani that I'd used and I absolutely loved it, my lashes looked amazing with it, I'm just sad that it's run out as it's probably my favourite high end mascara, definitely worth the money. [review here]

Makeup Revolution Viper mascara
I know I technically reviewed this in 2015, but I was using it for the last couple of months of 2104. It's a fab high street value mascara - yeah it's not necessarily going to 'wow' you, I think for £3 you'll be hard pressed to find a mascara that will wow you, but this is really good value for money, giving lovely lashes as a result. [review here]

Makeup Revolution picks

Makeup Revolution picks
I couldn't complete this review without giving special mention to Makeup Revolution - for me, they really have been the brand of the year.  They started up and really hit the ground running with a fabulous collection of high quality and very affordable makeup.  They really do have a lot to shout about - I've yet to try one of their products that I don't like.  I can't wait to see what they do in 2015!

So there you have it, my favourite products from 2014 - I haven't delved into powders, primers, and brow products as I didn't use much of a variety over the year, I pretty much stuck with Japonesque for powder, Benefit for brows and haven't been using a primer.


  1. Great post and some amazing products! I love the Collection eyeliner and I use it each day :) x x

  2. I'm on a makeup ban till February but once that is over, I will be getting my hands on a couple Makeup Revolution products, have read so many amazing reviews on them! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Thanks :) It's really good isn't it!

  4. Aww nearly there! I'm sure you'll love them :D

  5. I want to try the Giorgio Armani mascara but been a bit put off by the price. Sounds worth the splurge one day xx

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