Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Clarins garden escape collection

Clarins eclat minute baume

Clarins instant light lip balms

Clarins lipstick

Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant perfect shine sheer lipstick

Clarins garden escape swatches
Now it's the beginning of the year, brands are starting to showcase their Spring collections, and the new Clarins collection couldn't be more beautiful.  I'm a big fan of their instant light lip perfectors, which I've been loving since their Autumn collection in 2013, so when this arrived at the door, I was pretty excited to give them a whirl.

Instant light lip balm - £18
Try not to think of these as a lipstick or a lip crayon, they're a lip balm with a soft tint to add a touch of colour to your lips.  They're available in 6 colours (01 rose, 02 coral, 03 my pink, 04 orange, 05 red and 06 rosewood).  They're packed with wild mango, vitamin e and shea butter which makes them super hydrating and nourishing, and have the most amazing scent like white chocolate.  They have a soft buttery texture, and feel just lovely on the lips.

So far the shade '03 my pink' is my favourite - it's soft and looks very subtle in the swatch, but on the lips it's a bit pinker.  They left my lips feeling very soft and hydrated and smelling divine!  Shop the collection here.

Joli rouge brilliant sheer lipstick - £23
Clarins have also added two new shades to their Joli rouge perfect shine lipsticks, 22 coral dahlia and 23 rose petal (the one pictured is 23 rose petal) - it's a beautiful pretty pink with little silvery sparkles in it.  Unlike the instant light lip balms which smell of white chocolate, this smells more like watermelon or a fruit punch (it's probably mango though as one of the main ingredients is mango butter).  This is also pretty hydrating for a lipstick, and gives the lips a gorgeous flush of shine and gentle colour.  It's not massively pigmented, but it's branded as a sheer lipstick, so you wouldn't expect that - it's supposed to be more soft and gentle, which is perfect for day wear.  Shop the lipsticks here.

As well as these products, in their garden escape collection they've also launched a stunning blusher and a 6 colour eye shadow palette (amongst other things) which are worth checking out, you can see their whole collection here.

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  1. These look so beautiful! I'm a huge Clarins fan, and these just make me think of spring!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  2. I kinda wanted to hate on the balms for being so faintly-pigmented... and then I reread and noticed they were just balms. All things considered, they have pretty good color payoff. But they look a bit dry, no?

    Beauty By Tellie

  3. Yeah they're not supposed to be pigmented, it's more a touch of colour :) They're not dry at all, they're buttery and hydrating :)

  4. I've only recently discovered Clarins but love their products so far.I will check these out, ideal for a hint of colour

  5. They really are fab, especially the lip balms, their instant light lip perfectors are amazing too :)

  6. These look gorgeous - my eldest would love them. Lovely photos too x

  7. Number 6 looks the perfect nude for me. Will need to try this :-)
    Laura | A Life With Frills

  8. These look like nice colors, my favorite is the second one x



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