Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara

Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara

Cover girl Clump Crusher mascara wand

One coat of Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara

Two coats of Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara

I'm a big fan of Cover Girl mascara, I just WISH we could get it over here in the UK.  I had the lash blast a couple years' ago in a box swap and loved it.  Then, in desperation, I tried the Max Factor clump defy mascara, which is decent, but is it worth the price tag (£11+) for a high street mascara? Probably not.

When my good friend Laura (A Scottish Lass) went over to New York for her 30th in Nov 2013, she brought this Cover Girl back for me, don't worry, it's stayed sealed in it's card and plastic packaging since then so it's still good!

Anyway, I've cracked this open because I want to use it before it's too late, because lets face it, I'm only going to get 3-6 months of use out of it anyway.  The pictures may not do it justice, but this is one of my favourite mascaras, I love the wand with the little rubber bristles, it grips the lashes so well, gives volume, length and really separates them out. I really should stop wearing liquid eye liner when I take mascara review pics, you might actually be able to see my lashes properly then :P

This is a fantastic mascara and I can't recommend it enough to all you lovely people out there who have access to buying Cover Girl - if you're over here, you might be able to pick it up on eBay, just make sure you're buying it in a sealed pack :)



  1. Oh no! I was really hoping that the Maxfactor Clump Defy was the same! The packaging, bar the colour, and the wand looks identical to Clump Crusher! This is by far my favourite mascara, and I'm gutted I'm all out!

  2. I so agree with you on this mascara! It's brilliant for a drugstore mascara and really separates my lashes well.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. I need to get myself off to America there's so many things I need to try.

  4. I'm going to the states later this year and this is firmly on my list!

  5. This looks fab, your eyes look so pretty!

    Love Vicki <3

  6. It is honestly, hands down a holy grail mascara for me! Love it!

    Mikayla :)

  7. Love that mascara girl! Keep it up! <3

    Casi xoxo |
    real soundcloud plays


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