Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Five Favs #1

Five Favs
 I'm at it again, starting another blog series! I've been thinking about doing this one for a while, separate to my monthly favourites, just focussing on 5 products I'm currently loving, whether new or old. This won't necessarily be every month, but when I have 5 I feel like sharing.

Anastasia brow wiz
I've recently re-found this in my stash and started using it.  I'm actually preferring it to the powder and waxes I've become accustomed to.  I actually find it easier to use this and create a really nice brow shape, and keep it looking more natural.  Why didn't I instantly fall in love with this when I bought it?  I do think it helps to have groomed brows for the product to work well.

NYX Blusher in Pinched
After chatting to a friend of mine recently about dupes for NARS Orgasm, I've rediscovered my love for NYX Pinched - I'm not sure if I've ever seen a dupe that's quite as good as this - everything about it is on point - the texture, the balance of shimmer, and how it applies, but all for a fraction of the price.

Maybelline Lash Sensational
I'll be reviewing this later in the week.  It's working it's way to being one of my current favourite mascara's - when I applied it the other night, I looked like I was wearing false eye lashes, it gives fantastic volume at the root of the lash, separating and lengthening the lashes.  A great high-street find that I'm really loving right now.

Jouer bronzer
I don't wear bronzer that often, but since I rediscovered this in my stash (I actually bought this in the same haul as my brow wiz from Cult Beauty) I've been wearing it every time I've done my makeup - I might even write a blog post or film a video about how I contour, because this product is gorgeous. It's not orange, it blends in beautifully and helps give your blusher a warmer glow.

MAC mineralize blusher in Gentle
What a stunning blusher this is.  I'm such a fan of blushers that aren't crazy pigmented, I think they tend to blotch and generally don't look good on the skin - I like a blusher that's a harder formula, where you can swirl your blusher picking up the perfect amount to give your cheeks a glow

What did you think of this new blog series?  If you have any ideas on other types of series you'd like to see in the future, just leave a comment with your idea below :)


  1. This is a good idea for a blog series. It will show others products that you like and others might as well.

  2. I've just purchased the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil and I am in love with it!

    Mikayla :)

  3. That's it, I read one too many good things about the new Maybelline mascara. I need to have it although I already have way too many mascaras :D Also, Pinched sure is an amazing blush :)

  4. It's sooooo good isn't it Mikayla!?!?! I have a review dedicated to it written up for tomorrow, with before and after pics :D

  5. You should get it!!! It's so good, I have a full review of it coming out on Friday and I compared it to Benefit Rollerlash, it's actually better!

  6. Love this idea! 5 is the number of favourites and empties I share, always ;) Love Brow Wiz and love that mascara, and the Jouer bronzer is really nice too! ;) xx
    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  7. I haven't tried any Anastasia products. My friend says their really good for doing your brows x

  8. The brow wiz is definitely something I want to invest in! Sometimes my eyebrows look too stron with powder for work so I want a more subtle look. Amy x

  9. Love Lash Sensational, it's probably one of my fave high street mascaras of all time. I've been wanting to try a NYX blush for a while but never bought one; I'd go for 'Taupe' though I think because it's apparently great for contouring



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