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Fleur de Force | The Glam Guide

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One of the most anticipated beauty books to hit the scene recently is Fleur De Force's book, The Glam Guide.  After a recent flurry of blogger/YouTuber books hitting the shevles in bookstores, Fleur's is the latest.

I can't compare the book to Tanya's or anyone elses as this is the only one I've bought, in all honesty, it's the only one that appealed to me.  I don't generally watch Tanya's videos, I don't even think I'm subscribed, but I'm a long time subscriber and watcher of Fleur's videos.  In fact, in a round about way, it was through her video's that I got in to blogging - I was watching one of her colab video's with Sprinkle of Glitter - from that I watched Louise's videos and saw she had a blog - that was it, I was sold on blogging and set mine up within a couple of days.  Three years later, I'm still here and still watching Fleur's videos.  She's done so well for herself, and unlike some YouTuber's I don't feel that she's lost her integrity.

Anyway, enough of that, on with the review!

The Glam Guide is a paper back book, 224 pages long.  The font on the cover is embellished in her signature rose gold, and throughout the book you'll see the pages are adorned with watercolours and illustrations of makeup, models and looks etc, a really lovely touch.

The book covers beauty, hair, fashion, travel, health & fitness, YouTube and blogging, and a section on relationships.  She kicks off the book with the basics, the colour wheel, makeup brushes and tips on how to choose the right foundation, and even a guide on how to achieve a good smokey eye.  At the end of each section she sums it up with '10 Quick tips', a nice touch, especially if you don't want to sit and read it cover to cover.  She also has a couple of pages on what's in her handbag, I always love videos & blog posts like this, perhaps it's because it's something we all have in common?

Throughout the book, she also includes recipes, like for face treatments, hair masks, even smoothies for health & fitness, I think this is a really nice touch.  She also talks about body confidence, something which is often a hot topic and something I think we can all relate to.

One of my favourite sections is the one about YouTube and blogging - I guess because I'm a YouTuber and blogger :)  She shares what her essentials are, what her equipment is and tips on how to grow your audience.

I really enjoyed this book, it was really well put together, beautifully illustrated.  A book you can read cover to cover, or cherry-pick the pieces which are relevant to you - well done Fleur!



  1. I haven't bought any Youtuber books yet - Zoella's didn't really appeal and I don't really watch Tanya's videos either. This is the only one I've considered as I do watch Fleur - love the look of the illustrations! May treat myself xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  2. From all of the books brought out by bloggers, I actually think this looks the best :)

    Alice x

  3. I agree with you about the flurry of books I think this one might be the only one I pick up too.

  4. Love fleur's videos but wasn't sure about the book, especially as Tanya Burr's looked like it was more aimed at 13 years olds. But this looks appealing! The pages look beautifully illustrated, like how she covers a broad spectrum of things. Think I may to make a cheeky purchase!

  5. I love the illastrations in this book, they are gorgeous!

  6. This looks gorgeous! I've been watching beauty videos for years so I'm not sure how many of the pages will actually help me but I might buy it just for the sake of owning it... Is that bad?!
    Megan x

  7. This is one book I actually do like the look and sound of x

  8. This has been the only ''youtube'' book that I'm drawn to also, will probably be ordering it soon, it looks absolutely gorgeous :)

  9. Fleur is the only youtuber who got "big" who I still watch, as she still seems very genuine unlike half of the others. I probably wont purchase the book, as its not really my kind of thing, but I applaud her for doing so well for herself!

  10. Do you think it's aimed at our age group? I'm actually meeting Fleur on Monday before her book signing in Meadowhall and I'm really looking forward to it but i'm just a bit concerned that i'm going to buy the book and it's going to go to waist if it's aimed more at teens

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  11. Hey Jade, it definitely appeals to all ages, and probably more appropriate for an older teen. I met her at her signing yesterday and she was lovely! Hope you have a great time on Monday

    Harriet x

  12. Well, I wouldn't say it's 'aimed' at our age group, but I think there's something in there for everyone. Take me for example, I didn't really 'get in' to makeup until I was about 30, so the last few years have been a big learning experience. There's also lots of recipes in there which would be great for any age, and some great tips throughout :) Have fun on Monday :)

  13. Yeah same :) Yeah, she's done so well - it's admirable :)

  14. It's really good - I'm so glad I bought it :)

  15. Ha, that's not bad at all - that's why I bought it :)

  16. Yeah - this one (I wouldn't say) is aimed that young, it's more general than age specific :)

  17. You should treat yourself lovely :)

  18. I love Fleur, I really don't care much about the other youtubers books but this looks lovely!
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  19. Yeah - I've seen so many people say that Fleur's book is the only one they were interested in :)


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