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January 2014 Degustabox

The January Degustabox

It's that time of the month again (no, not that kind!) for me to share with you what I had in my latest Degustabox!  This month was probably my favourite yet - lots of things I love inside, so needless to say, this box was demolished pretty quickly - lets see what was inside :)

Clipper Green Tea (special gift)
A sample pack of 10 tea bags was included this month as a treat of green tea with lemon (one of my favourite ways to drink green tea) - a very nice treat indeed!

Koko Dairy Free - £1.39
This is an alternative to cow's milk and is made from pressed coconut milk.  It has less calories than skimmed milk and 0% cholesterol.  They say it doesn't curdle in tea & coffee either, unlike soya milk - I'm yet to try this, it's sitting in the fridge waiting for me to feel brave enough to try it, I know that sounds silly, but I'm really funny at trying new dairy-free milks... strange I know.

Little Miracles - £1.49 each
I've had a few of these in blogger goody bags before, and I'm a big fan! They're tea-based drinks with fruit and herb infusions like cherry, peach, ginsing, acai etc.  They taste great, and even the hubby liked them! They're made out of a base of tea, so they contain caffeine too.

Magners light - £1.25
Now this was a very nice treat! This was the orchard berries flavour low-calorie cider and was absolutely gorgeous.  I'll definitely pick this up from the supermarket as I love fruity cider drinks :)

Simplee Aloe - £1.79
I'm a big fan of Aloe drinks, quite a few times I've visited our local Korean & Japanese shop here in Cardiff and picked up a big bottle of Aloe.  This blend is made with grape juice and a hint of lemon, and made for a very tasty and refreshing drink.

It's worth noting, in non-blogger boxes, you'd either have the Aloe drink, or the Magners depending on if you had a box with alcohol or not :)

Drinks from the January Degustabox

Finn Crisp - £1.20
Think Ryvita, but thinner and crispier (and in my opinion, tastier).  Finn Crisp only use natural ingredients, it's made from wholegrain and baked with sourdough (I love sourdough bread!).  We had these with a bit of butter on, and some Philadelphia spread, they were very yummy!

Sukrin cake mix - £5.00
This mix is free-from sugar and is made from sukrin instead, a natural sugar alternative, and has 80% less carbohydrates in it.  I haven't made this up yet so can't comment on how tasty it is, but it's the hubby's birthday soon, so I might well make it then, along with the peach and vanilla buttercream victoria sponge I'm making for him :)

Mornflake porridge pots - £1.19 each
I have to say, I love their approach with these.  I used to buy the Oatso Simple pots for work all the time, but got a bit fed up of them.  Well, these were different in that they were more oaty (bigger oats) and instead of having a powdered flavour built in, they had a little pot of flavour you can add - so we had one that had a little container of golden syrup (YUM!), and one that had a little tub of Nutella - you make up the porridge with water, and then add the tub and mix it all together.  Mine (golden syrup) was really lovely, I really liked the big oats.

Kabuto Noodles - £2.00
Included for the Chinese New Year (although, aren't Kabuto noodles Japanese?), these are one of my favourite pots of noodles to buy.  This pack included chicken, so the hubby had it and loved it - he's a fan of pot noodles, and MUCH preferred this, much cleaner and tastier flavours, with proper noodles.

Haywards Piccalilli - £1.89
Now this took me back! My mum used to make me cheese and piccalilli sandwiches for school when I was younger, so this was one of the first things I cracked open - it's also something I've bought periodically over the years for a trip down memory lane :)  It's chunky vegetables in a tangy mustard sauce :)

Rice Bran Oil - £2.00
I've pretty much used this all up already! Crazy I know - but I like to make my own potato and sweet potato wedges and I use quite a bit of oil for that (there's a LOT left in the pan once the taters are taken out don't worry).  It had a lovely soft flavour which both the hubby and I liked.  What we liked is that it said it had a high smoke point - however, it smoked with us pretty easily, about the same as the extra virgin olive oil we use, but this is cheaper.

Food from the January Degustabox

Mornflake porridge

Overall I loved this box - pretty much everything inside has gone already - only the cake mix and dairy free milk stuff that's left - definitely the best box so far, thanks Degustabox!

If you want to try a box too, I have a discount code that will give you £3 off your first box (usually £12.99 a month) - just use the code B2581 to claim that £3 off - their website is here :)
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  1. I really like the idea of those Mornflake pots - nice to see some Nutella in there, he he x

  2. These degustaboxes look so good! I've seen them on loads of blogs and you seem to get so much for your money! So tempted...

    Jade x

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