Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentines with Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat  - The Valentines Sleekster box

Valentines Sleekster chocolates

Just over a week ago, I had a very interesting email from Hotel Chocolat land in my inbox - they were running a valentines promotion with bloggers where they'd approached a handful of bloggers and asked them to nominate a valentines, and I was nominated!  All they needed was my address and we were on our way!

I must admit, I had forgotten about it, a couple of days passed and a courier turned up - excitedly I opened the parcel to be greeted with a big bag saying Hotel Chocolat on the side, this made me very excited!  Of course I did the good blogger thing of taking pictures before 'using the product', haha - yep they were demolished between the hubby and I later that day.

I must say though, I was a little confused over who my 'valentine' was - no one I've heard of, I'd assumed it was one of my female blogging friends, but it was a man... odd! Well, thank you whoever it was!

What did it taste like?  Pretty goddam awesome!  Before this I was a Hotel Chocolat virgin, only ever tasting decent chocolate from the likes of Thorntons and Butlers (yummy Irish chocolate).  I absolutely loved these - the chocolate melted in my mouth and the fillings were amazing (especially the praline ones!).  They were really well made and beautifully presented and packaged - I'm certainly hoping to sample more of their delights in the future!

You can pick up this Valentines Sleekster box for £22 online.
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  1. Well he had good taste, that's the box I chose for me and my secret valentine too hehe.

    I loved the flavours and how pretty they are!

  2. I loved these chocolates which now reside in my tummy x

  3. I love Hotel Chocolat! The boyfriend gets discount there with his work so I'm always looking for an excuse to buy something haha. x

  4. How have you not tried Hotel Chocolat before?! I am a complete addict, no chocolate compares. But the best part is the their sales..so next week I shall be stocking up on this Valentines stuff!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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