Friday, 6 March 2015

Degustabox February

About a week ago the February Degustabox landed on my door step, and boy oh boy, it didn't disappoint! Funnily enough, I think this has been one of my favourite boxes yet - there were so many things in there that I'd eat (have eaten!) and really enjoyed.  Lets take a look and see what was inside :)

Lily O'Brien's Cocoa Cookie Crunch - £2.60
Holy mother of all that is chocolate, these were seriously scrummy!!!! How I didn't demolish the bag in one I'll never know, but I managed to save a few for the hubby for when he came home from work. They were mostly solid chocolate, with little morsals of cookie inside, oh so freakin' yummy!

Laimon fresh - £1.99
This is a lemon, lime and mint - it's like a sprite mohito.  I really wasn't sure what I'd think of this, but you know what, it was really refreshing!  Even the hubby liked it, and that's saying something! One of their serving suggestions is to add rum to turn it into a mohito ;)

Melba thins - £1.39
These are actually really nice - they're 10 packs of 6(?) melba thins - I can't say I've been very adventurous with these, I've had clover and cheese on them, they were nice though :)

Lily O'Brien's Cocoa cookie crunch
Chocolate chip mini muffins from the American Muffin Company - £2.50
There were a wheat and gluten free box of muffins.  Seeing as I'm not a coeliac, I'm not really a fan of gluten-free stuff, since it makes no difference to me (people going gluten free when they're not coeliac's is actually one of my pet peeves, silly I know). Anyway, despite being gluten free, they were actually really quite moist and tasty, just a little crumbly.  I liked that they were individually wrapped too, so you didn't feel you HAD to eat them all when you opened the pack.

Peanut Hottie - £3.00
This was a pleasant surprise, and my 3rd jar of it :) I'm a fan of Peanut Hottie, such a lovely hot drink, and caffeine free.  Personally I like it really sweet, so I add a bit of sugar but it doesn't really need it.

Whole Earth three nut butter - £3.00
I'm still working my way through this, but it's really nice, I might even prefer it to normal peanut butter - this tends to be not quite as thick or dry, so it's easier to eat.  This 'three nut' butter is made up of cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts - all very tasty!
Mini muffins

Beet it - beetroot nitrate bar - £1.85 for 2
I must admit, I haven't been brave enough to try these yet, lame I know.  They're currently using these in 150 universities across the world to see if they help reduce blood pressure - a pretty neat idea!

Jack Link's Beef Snack - £1.39
Those of you who know me will know I'm veggie, so the hubby had this one :)  He said it was very nice, not like beef jerky (which is what we expected) but more like a pepperami.  

Beet it

Schwartz Flavour Shots - £1.40 for 2
When these were in one of the boxes a few months ago I really liked them - they come with a recipe for making it up, and they make up the base of the meal.  I gave the paella one to my mother-in-law as I'm veggie and hubby doesn't like seafood, but we'll be having the mild masala one.  I like that they contain herbs, spices and oils for form the main flavours.

Schwartz flavour shots

All in all a really nice box, lots of the bits in here I really liked and were very quickly nommed up by me and the hubby :)

If you'd like to try Degustabox for yourself, you can get £3 off your first box by using this code: B2581


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