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DEGUSTABOX | March 2015

The March 2015 Degustabox
Remember how I said last month's Degustabox was my favourite? Scrap that, this is now my favourite one!  It's an easter themed box (so lots of sweets/chocolate) and includes a couple of things I'd been craving - how's that for timing! Literally, on the day this was delivered, in the morning I'd been thinking about how I needed to buy some BBQ sauce as I hadn't had any in ages, then this box comes, with a nice big bottle of BBQ sauce... that literally made my day - combined with all the sweets and chocolate, and cereal, and booze... ok I'll shut up, you get the point.

Degustabox March sweets and chocolate

Here's a closer look at what was in the box.

Jordan's Granola - £3.69
Another well timed product - I'd run out of bread, and cereal, but I had 4 pints of milk in the fridge, so I'd started skipping breakfast - and this is the kind of breakfast I love.  I've had 2 bowls of it so far and love it. It's filled with pieces of strawberry and blueberry (which makes the milk a funky colour) and tastes lovely, not overly sweet.

Juiceburst drinks - 2 for £1.25
I had 2 different flavours of these, a full fat cranberry one, and a skinny mango and lime.  So far I've only had the mango and lime drink, but that was really lovely. I can't wait to try the other one, I'm waiting until I get a proper thirst on first. JuiceBurst have 14 different flavours in the range, and 3 skinny flavours :)

BBQUE - £3.99
As mentioned above, this possibly couldn't have been better timed.  We've used it twice since it arrived and it's gorgeous.  This one is 'The Original' which is flavoured with cranberries, beer, honey and apples - but they also do other takes on it like grill & beechwood or honey & mustard and more.

Lindt - 2 for £2.00
Who wouldn't be excited to see this in their box!? They're bags of mini eggs in their signature formula's and flavours - they're like mini egg shaped versions of their chocolates - yes you might have guessed, these were demolished within seconds!

Jelly Babies Berry Mix - £1.48
If you're one of those people who pick out the black and red jelly babies (leaving the yellow and green ones) then you'll love this bag! Personally, I like all the flavours, in fact, as the years go on, the yellow and green ones I like more and more :) (and yes, I'm one of those strange people that like the coffee flavoured Revels).

Sour Patch - £1.00
Another pack that was demolished in seconds, I love sour sweets, especially if they're really sour. Each bag has 6 different flavours too - not that I could tell, I had several different flavours squished into my mouth at the same time, lol :)

Crabbie's Fruits - 2 for £1.50
Oh, my, gosh, these were nice!  When I think of Crabbies, I think of ginger beer - a drink I'm not overly fond of.  However, these didn't taste gingery! Huzzah! One bottle was black cherry flavoured, and the other was raspberry and rhubarb - both were lovely, but the black cherry was the clear winner for us.

Kents Kitchen - £1.75
While I haven't had these yet, I'm all about noodles at the moment, so this was another very well-timed product in the box - and it's my namesake! These are made with all natural ingredients, are low fat and low calorie - so it's ticking all the boxes :)

Natvia - £2.00
It's nice to see more natural sweeteners hitting the shelves, free from nasty aspartame and instead they're using the natural sweetness from the stevia plant. I'm a big fan of Truvia, so I'm really keen to see how this compares.

Brioche Pasquier - 2 for 50p 
These are like flavoured (bacon) croutons, and funnily enough, despite being bacon flavoured, they're suitable for vegetarians :)  Each bag is under 90 calories and made from French bread.  It's also free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

This was my favourite box yet - so many things I'd been thinking about, craving and even things I didn't realise I wanted, lol :)  If you want to try out Degustabox, I have a code for you to get £3 off your first box, making it just £9.99 instead of the usual £12.99 - the code is B2581 and you can sign up here.
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  1. I've never tried Degustabox which is surprising as I love subscription boxes. But it always seems like you get a lot more for your money than others like beauty boxes and lifestyle boxes.

  2. How amazing was this months'!

    The noodles were amazing and how good of an idea were those bread bites - so tasty!

    Ellis / WWW.ELRBX.COM xxxx

  3. Wow sooo much sugar!

  4. I agree - this box was packed to the brim and pretty much everything being things I'd want or have had etc :)

  5. SO GOOD! Had the noodles yesterday and they were really nice :)


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