Friday, 13 March 2015

Lancome wish list

Lancome wish list

Every now an then I find myself browsing the department stores online, and filling imaginary shopping baskets with the treats I'd buy if I had the money. Now that I'm a mummy and on maternity leave, these really are dream wish-lists, but I can dream none-the-less.  So, if I had the money, here's what I'd be spending it on :)

Teint Miracle - £29.50
I've heard so many good things about this foundation - it's supposed to be light weight (right up my alley!), luminous and dewey - all things I look for in a foundation.  But at £29.50 it's not exactly a cheap foundation to buy - maybe I should pop to a counter to see if they have a little sample I can try?

Lip Lover - £18.50
I love that this comes in 18 different shades.  I've been looking at swatches of these and they look absolutely gorgeous - an even spread of colour, not over-the-top pigmented, more of a jelly finish, which looks lovely.

Blush Subtil - £28.00
When it comes to blusher I'm a complete addict and collector, but I've never tried one from Lancome, in fact, the only makeup I've ever tried from Lancome is their Hypnose Star mascara (also on this wish list) and I loved it! This looks like a gorgeous and pretty much matte blusher.

Hypnose eye palette - £38.00
Now at £38 this really is a luxe purchase, especially only for 5 shadows.  However, they look absolutely gorgeous and I could see myself getting a lot of wear out of them as they're all colours I'd wear. Great for day or night.

Hypnose Star mascara - £22.50
This really is one of my favourite high end mascaras.  I remember when I first tried it, I really didn't like it, I didn't think it gripped my lashes very well.  But after a few days, I've no idea if it was the formula thickening up or just me getting used to it, but it started giving me fantastic lashes - enough that I'd go back and buy it again, if I had the money ;)

If you're thinking of making a cheeky Lancome purchase, House of Fraser actually have a pretty neat off on at the moment - with any 2 Lancome purchases you get a free gift set worth up to £107 and 500 bonus points with recognition - if you buy a 3rd product, you get an extra gift :) To shop the offer just visit the site here.



  1. I'm the same, making endless wish list :) I got a LancĂ´me eyeshadow palette for Christmas and to be honest I'm not blown away with the quality, I was expecting more from such a luxurious brand. But I still want to try their foundation :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. Oh wow, that's not good :( Yeah their foundation looks lovely - and the Hypnose Star mascara is fab :)

  3. I love a good wishlist :) I really wanted to try the new cushion foundation but the coverage is too light for me, I remember I used to like the mascaras though :)

  4. I never got on to the Hypnose mascara bandwagon as well. I was able to get a sample tube from a 'trade-in your old tube' promotion and at no stage in the mascara's life span did I ever feel wowed by it :(

    Beauty By Tellie

  5. If you get a sample of the Hypnose star you might change your mind :) I've had the little samples of the normal hypnose one before and wasn't overly impressed, but the star one was really good :)

  6. Thanks Charlotte :) Hmm I wonder what the coverage would be like for me - I like it light, but I also like it to cover!


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