Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bathroom art print wish list

Bathroom art

Over the summer when we were waiting for Squidge to arrive, we re-decorated the whole of the upstairs, and had a new bathroom fitted.  I've never made that much effort with the bathroom before, but since it's now so lovely, I've actually been on the lookout for nice things for it.  Something we've never had in there before is any kind of art, and to be fair, it's a very small bathroom so can't really fit much in there on the walls, but there is a space above the loo (which is nestled between a mirrored cabinet and the shower) which would be a perfect place for a little bit of art.

After searching the internet I found a site called Minted which had some really lovely prints on there. The bathroom walls are blue, so I'm sticking with a bluey/greeny theme for the artwork, and above are the prints I've narrowed it down to.  I think the top left one is my favourite (although, I love the middle one too!), what do you think?

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