Saturday, 25 April 2015

My first Essence haul

Essence makeup haul
The other day I dragged the hubby along to Wilko's so I could make a cheeky Essence haul.  Well, that's not technically true - we were out in the car on the way home from visiting a friend when I asked him to drive me there - I suggested that since we were already out it wouldn't be a big deal :D

Anyhoo - after spending a good 5 mins drooling over some of their kitchen goods like Kilner jars and clay baking bowls, I finally found their beauty section where they had a double Essence stand.  I felt like a kid in a sweet shop!  Where to start! Well, I posted a photograph on Instagram of all their mascara's asking 'Which one?' but sadly the only reply I had was after I left the shop :P So I winged it - I picked up a selection of lip liners, lipstick, blusher, eyeliner, eye shadow and brow products.  All together it came to about £25 which really isn't bad considering how many products I picked up!

I'm definitely going to be reviewing the blusher, mascara, lip products, eye shadow, eye liner and brow products... well, that's pretty much all of them so keep your eyes peeled! I do actually have a comparison video coming up for the brow tint, comparing it to the Benefit Gimmie Brow :)

What are your favourite Essence products?

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