Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ti2 Titanium jewellery from Jewel Street

Ti2 Prisim Jewellery from Jewel Street

A little while ago I had a pretty exciting email from Jewel Street.  Before then, I'd not heard of them, but after hours, and I mean HOURS of searching through some pretty stunning jewellery, I finally found a piece I couldn't take my eyes off, I actually said 'wow' out loud when I saw it.  Enter, the Ti2 colourful wave ring by Prisim design.

This ring, like all of the Ti2 Prisim design jewellery, is made from titanium.  A very hard, long wearing and light metal (the hubby's wedding ring is actually titanium).  The only downside to titanium is over time it does gather little scratches, but that's no biggie for me, I think it adds to jewellery making it look more loved.

This particular piece has a wave groove cut through it all the way around. You can choose to have 1 diamond on there (+£55), 3 diamonds (+£125) or a full eternity ring of diamonds (8 diamonds - +£395) so depending on how many diamonds you add, depends on the price.  The starter price for the ring without diamonds is £125.

Inside the prismatic groove cut into the ring, is a wave of changing colour, going right through the spectrum and changing seamlessly.  This is what caught my attention the first time I saw it, it's so different from any other jewellery I've seen.

wave ring with a diamond

Colourful wave ring with a diamond

The lovely people over at Prism also found out it had just been my birthday and included these as a belated birthday present, how lovely is that!?  This pair come in at £55 each, and you have 3 different colour combinations to pick from (although I can't work out which mine are from the list - maybe mine are bespoke!).  Once again, made of titanium which makes them lovely and light.  What I love about these is they're perfect for the festival season, very boho and would look beautiful with a flowy maxi dress and floral crown.  If you want to have a look at the colour options available, you can see them here.

Titanium feather earrings
Feather earrings

Colourful feather earrings
One of the things I really liked about the Jewel Street website is that I was able to search by design, so I could search using the term 'star' and see all the jewellery they had that was star themed. I was also impressed with their really wide range of jewellery, and it's by smaller designers making more bespoke and unusual pieces, something really different from the high street.  Their prices range from standard affordable high street prices like, £15, right up to in the thousands if you're looking for something really special and unique.
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