Tuesday, 12 May 2015

£15 High Street Challenge | May

£15 high street challenge May
That's right, it's May and that means I get to buy more makeup, woooo! As you know, in an effort to have fewer PR samples in the blog, I set myself a challenge to spend £15 a month on the high street and try to get at least 3 products for my money.

This month I bought 5! How did I do that you might ask? By blowing the effing budget that's how :P Basically, for a while now I've kept going onto the Beauty Crowd website and filling my virtual basket with loads of awesome looking products, then closing the tab. Well, I decided to make Beauty Crowd the source of this month's challenge, but I just couldn't decide what to buy, so I bought lots, hahaha.

Nicka K New York

This is one of many brands on Beauty Crowd I'd never heard of, but that I thought looked lovely and intrigued me.  They're priced for the high street with both products costing £4.95.  The first product I picked up is the eye shadow quad in the shade Sierra - this is a warm, berry-toned neutral palette. I've used it once, it's nicely pigmented and blends well, and the packaging is lovely! The other product is an eye shadow base/primer in Pearl.  I'm not sure if it's right for me, I did get some major creasing yesterday after just 4ish hours, but I do have terribly oily & hooded lids, so it could be that :)

Nicka K haul

Nicka K eye shadow and primer - open

Milani Cosmetics

Yep, Beauty Crowd sells Milani!!!!! This excited me a LOT! There was still a couple of things I didn't buy, like their eye shadow foils, baked blusher and mascara, but what I did end up with is pretty epic.  First up the Rose Powder blusher in Coral Cove - £8. The first thing that struck me about these is the high quality packaging, you'd never know they were high-street priced, such high quality. The pigmentation is great, you really don't need much product to create a flushed look, and it's completely matte.  Then there's the illuminating powder in the shade Beauty's Touch - £8 - now this is an odd one, to look at it, I can hardly see any shimmer, and when I've tried to use it as a highlighter I've failed - I think I need to use it as a proper blusher to see if I can see a pretty shimmer - I almost don't want to use them because they're so beautiful though!

Finally, I also picked up the Eye Tech eyeliner - £6 - now this I like. It's not without fault, it's not easy to create a thin line on the inner corner of your eye, and if you have slightly aging skin, you might find it's hard to create a straight line, but I have managed it :) It's lovely, jet black and stays put all day, as well as being nice and compact.

Milani haul

Milani haul open

All together this little lot was £31.90, so 2 months worth of budget went into this, lol, I'm such a failure... but I just couldn't help myself! I blame Beauty Crowd for having too many beautiful products, I could literally spend another £100-200 there on all the things that have caught my eye, how I've managed to stop myself so far I'll never know!

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