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DEGUSTABOX | April 2015

Gosh, this post is so late I already have the May box, I'll get to that box in the next couple of weeks as it was sent out early - the good thing about reviewing this a bit later than normal, is that I've had more of a chance to try more of the products :) The April box was an international box with all sorts of lovely treats inside - lets have a look and see what was in mine :)

The Drinks

Lots of drinks!

Wonjo hibiscus drink - I must admit, I haven't tried this yet (it's in my fridge) and I can't see it listed on the card that was with the Degustabox so I really can't tell you much about this :/  However, I have had the Kingfisher beer (£2) - this is a firm favourite of mine, such a lovely beer - the hubby and I shared it (just so we could both have some) and it was super lovely! Next up the IdrinQ engery drink (£1.49 each) that doesn't have caffeine in it - I couldn't quite decide what these reminded me of, but in all honesty, neither the hubby or I finished them, they just weren't quite to our taste. Last but not least the Scheckters OrganicEnergy drink (£1.35) - this I have yet to try, but looking at the list of ingredients it does sound yummy (green coffee, guarana, pomegranate, green tea...).


Nando's crisps
Here's a confession for you - I've never been to Nando's! As I'm a vegetarian, it doesn't really appeal to me, however the hubby did help in demolishing these (I had the peri-salted ones).  He loves spice too, but I think I had the short straw as he said that the peri-salted ones I had were the spiciest, lol. Either way, they were lovely - nice thick chunky groove cut crisps with loads of flavour. These retail at 69p each.

Rice and Curry

Veetee rice and Schwartz curry
Veetee rice tubs (£1.49 each) - these were really yummy and a nice sized portion.  I had these for lunch and they were perfect, great flavour and easy to prepare.  However, the lid didn't peel off in one as it should, it peeled off in a million little streaks, super annoying! Then we have the Schwartz curry powder recipe mixes (£1.08 each) so far we've just had the balti one (we made it up with Quorn pieces instead of chicken) and it was really nice, I'm looking forward to having the Korma one although I'm a little confused at needing to add a tin of tomatoes - didn't think there were any tomatoes in Korma?

DeBeukelaer Cookies

DeBeukelaer Cookies

chocolate cookies
These cookies were seriously yummy! They were individually wrapped decent sized cookies, but you did only get 4 in a box, and as the box costs £2, this does make them quite expensive at 50p a cookie. The picture on the front of the box is a little misleading too, they do have a gorgeous soft chocolate filling, but not the amount in the picture.  We did really enjoy these and were eaten first and VERY quickly :)

Kinder Chocolate

Kinder chocolate
In all honesty, who doesn't love Kinder chocolate? These were also demolished in a single evening sitting between the hubby and I! I'm not quite sure which were my favourite, I loved them both :) Each bag costs £1.55 of pure nomminess :)

Cirio Tomatoes

Cirio tomatoes
We've bought Cirio tinned tomatoes in the past but I've never seen the tomato fillets, these were delicious! We used them in the Schwartz balti curry we made and they went perfectly, as well as one of the little tubs of tomato puree. The tinned tomatoes cost £1.69 and the puree is £1.20.  I think that's a fair price for the fillets as they're not from a standard tomato but a special variety - and I often buy tins of cherry tomatoes (in fact, I only buy them these days for cooking) which are around £2 a tin. 

Barry's Tea

Barry's tea
I haven't cracked these open yet, but I did run out of teabags today so I'll be digging into them soon. I've seen them about in Ireland and I think my family might buy them - and I always have a good cup of tea when I'm in Ireland, so I think they'll be decent tea bags (as long as they're strong!).  This box of 40 bags is £1.75 which is a pretty decent price (I'm always surprised how expensive tea is!).

A pretty decent Degustabox, although my favourite was the March Easter box, mainly because it was filled with chocolate, lol :)  Anyway, if you'd like to give Degustabox a go I have a discount code for you that gives you £3 off your first box, just enter XEL7C when you place your order :)
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