Sunday, 31 May 2015

NEVE COSMETICS | Pop Society Mineral Eyeshadows

Neve Cosmetics pop society mineral eyeshadow

Neve Cosmetics pop society mineral eyeshadows

Neve Cosmetics pop society mineral eyeshadow with their lids off
A few weeks ago I was the lucky recipient of a Neve cosmetics package.  You'll have seen me rave about their products before, I rave about them for a reason.  Apart from being cruelty free, vegan and fabulous - their makeup really does live unto the hype.  The quality is fantastic, great pigmentation, easy to use, and it's vibrant.

These days I see too many makeup brands staying safe and not do anything daring, that's one thing I love about Neve, they're not afraid to be bold and out-there.

Today's blog post is showcasing 3 shades from their fairly new 'Pop Society' collection.  It's taken me a while to write and put together as I wanted to include photo's of the products in place on the eyes, and these days with the baby, I don't get to put on makeup every day.

These eye shadows are intensely pigmented, soft, buttery and very blendable.  Yes, not all of these are the 'easiest' to wear, so they might work better as accent colours, or just to be worn in a slightly different way.

Neve Cosmetics pop society mineral eyeshadow swatches

The shade 'Videogame' worn under the waterline for a slight different look
Videogame under the lid for a different look

Videogame under the eye

The shade 'Fuseaux' all over the lid - very easy to wear
Fuseaux all over the lid

The red shade 'Compilation' through the crease - this might have been more wearable in the same place, but with a different colour all over the lid, like my 'Summer Sunset' tutorial :)
Compilation on the lid

Compilation through the crease

All in all these are great eye shadows - I wish more people knew about Neve! I know it can be tricky when buying makeup online (Neve aren't in physical shops, only online ones) but I guess that's where us bloggers come in - showing you pictures of their products swatched, and in place so you can see how they work.  I've yet to try something from Neve that I don't like - their products are on pointe, great quality and well priced (you get what you pay for), and I love that they're cruelty free.
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