Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Why I wear makeup

Makeup before and after
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Yesterday I dyed my hair and took a photo of it, before doing my makeup.  I was going to share it, but  my skin looked a bit rubbish and I thought I'd do my makeup first, then share the pic of me with my freshly dyed hair and new colour.  It was only then when scrolling through the images on my phone, that I saw both images were really similar, but very, very different.  It got me to thinking about the difference makeup makes to me and why I wear it.

A lot of people think of makeup as being a mask, or that people shouldn't wear it because it damages your skin, or because we're beautiful enough without it.  In all honesty, the reason that anyone wears makeup is their own business, and could be for any number of reasons.

For me I wear it for so many different reasons.  In it's purest form, I'm an artist and this is a way to create, I love experimenting (especially with new products).  But, I also find makeup gives me confidence.  I don't have the best skin, I've always had spots and as a result I have lots of little red scars on my face and some general redness and chicken pox scars.  My skin is also quite bumpy and starting to show signs of ageing, oh and I hate my eye brows, they're a nightmare.

When I put makeup on, it makes me feel fresh and pretty.  I love that I can draw attention to my eyes, get rid of the redness all over my face, and just add it back where I want it (cheeks).  As much as I wear lots of different products, I never like to look like I've troweled it on.  Apart from my eyes, I generally like makeup to look as natural as possible on me, just to cover up all my imperfections.

I don't wear makeup to lie, or to pretend to be something I'm not, I wear it to give myself a little boost, to cover up all the horrid little things I don't like about my face and for once, to feel pretty.

Why do you wear makeup?

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