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Towards the end of last month, the May Degustabox landed on my doorstep - the previous 2 months had been fantastic, especially the March (Easter) box as it was full of treats, so this box had a lot to live up to, but how did it fair? 

Maggi noodles, Slim Pasta and Marinade in a bag
Maggi So StirFry x 2 £1.49 each
Hubby had these as I'm vegetarian and these didn't say they were suitable for vegetarians.  They were big packs, so could serve 2 as part of a meal, or one if you have them by themselves and want a good feed! He said they were nice, but we didn't make them up like the serving suggestion, he just had them plain, with the sachet of flavour.

Slim Pasta £2.49
This is made from all-natural Konjac flout and oat fibre.  It's a low calorie alternative to normal lasagne - I can't say I've tried this yet, in fact, I haven't even made a lasagne since turning veggie, I've no idea what to put into it since I don't like Quorn mince, suggestions?

Schwartz Marinade in a bag £2.19
This we haven't tried yet either - although we are hoping to have friends over for a BBQ in the Summer, so we'll definitely try it then as I'll be making up some chicken kebabs for it (for everyone else!).  I love the idea though, it's full of marinade in a folded up bag, you plonk your prepared meat in there, shake it about and put it in the fridge overnight - then the next day you have marinaded meat!

Daelmans Stroopwafels £2.00
My favourite part of the box :) I love these types of waffles, back home in Pembrokeshire we have a brand called Tre Groes waffles which were the first ones I ever tried, years and years ago.  These were delicious, how I managed to save 2 for the hubby for when he got home is beyond me, I really had a sweet craving that day too.

9 Bar fruity

9 Bar £2.00
The name of these always makes me laugh, I still can't believe there's hemp based food called '9 bar'! These were 4 individually wrapped bars of seeds and fruit, topped with yummy chocolate.  They were actually really nice, I preferred them to the Nakd bars, these felt more wholesome.

BBQ sauce, balsamic vinegar, ginger beer and a coconut and banana drink
Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbeque Sauce £2.99
Now this BBQ sauce was really lovely (apparently it's the USA #1 selling brand of BBQ sauce!). It was lovely and sweet & smokey, the only problem for me, was it gave me proper heartburn, so I've had to stop having it, sad face :(

Sarsons Balsamic Vinegar £2.00
I never knew Sarsons did Balsamic vinegar, we love having it over a salad - sadly, we haven't had a salad in a while, but next time we do we'll be cracking this out to see what it's like :)  Also, did you know Sarsons have been making vinegar for over 200 years?

Fentimans Ginger Beer £2.80
I'm a big fan of Fentimans, their Curiosity Cola is probably my favourite Cola, it has so much flavour! Needless to say, I was very excited to see this in box as I'm such a fan of theirs. It was lovely and spicy (the way that ginger is) and was enjoyed very soon after opening the box (that night!).

Green Coco 80p
This juice box was filled with coconut juice and banana.  I would have loved this, but I'm allergic to banana, so I gave it to the hubby.  He's not always very good with different drinks like that, and as a result he wasn't that keen, but then he doesn't like drinks like coconut water (which I love!).

Fuel protibrick

Fuel £2.69
It took me a while to work out what this was.  Basically they're like Weetabix, they're a wheat biscuit cereal.  The hubby has worked his way through these (I don't really like Weetabix) and I'm afraid it's another product he wasn't that keen on - it just wasn't to his taste.  He's never really done the whole 'protein powder' or 'whey' powder thing though, maybe if he had he'd have liked them more :)

Overall, this wasn't my favourite box, there was just things we didn't like, or gave me heartburn in there, or things I couldn't have (as I'm vegetarian and have food allergies).  It wasn't a bad box, but I've had better ones from Degustabox.

If you'd like to sign up for next month's box, I have a code that'll give you £3 off your first box, just enter XEL7C when you're at the checkout :)
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