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£15 High Street Challenge | July

£15 high street challenge July

I know how much y'all look forward to this post, so I'm sorry it's taken me this long into the month to get the post up.  In fairness, I haven't long bought the products either, the month has really flown by and I just didn't know what to buy... well, in a week or so it'll be time for the next one, and this time I really want your help - if you have any suggestions on what I can buy for August, please leave your recommendations in the comments :)

If this is your first time reading my £15 high street challenge, I'll quickly let you know what it is and why I started it.  Basically, in January when I looked back to reflect on 2014's posts, I realised nearly every product I blogged about was a PR sample.  And while I know they're all 100% honest, I know a lot of people aren't comfortable with that.  So in an effort to break up the amount of PR review posts, I'm giving myself a wee budget of £15 a month to spend on high street makeup - the catch is I need to try and buy at least 3 items for my money.  I'm not super strict with it, as long as it's around £15 I'm happy.

If you want to see what I've picked up on previous months, you can read them here.  So lets see what I bought:

Bourjois makeup bought with the Boots 3 for 2 offer

I went to Boots in my lunch break on my 1st/2nd day back at work and saw they had a good Bourjois offer on, 3 for 2 and if you do the offer you get a free pair of Bourjois sunglasses - this is an offer Bourjois do every Summer, and for the last 2/3 years Bourjois have supplied my summer sunglasses through this offer :)  Each year they're different from the last, I love that.

I could resist picking up their new blusher, Aqua blush. I picked a coral shade.  It really reminds me of a watercolour blush type product.  It's so beautiful on the cheeks, it gives a really natural flush of colour that says put for hours and hours.  When I apply it, I squirt it onto my finger, dot it on my cheek and blend it in with a stippling brush.

I also went for the Healthy Mix concealer - considering how much I adore the Healthy Mix foundation (hello, holy grail!) I just had to give this a go!  So far I've only worn it under the eye (big mistake), so next I'll be trying it on other areas of my face :)  It's just a bit heavy for under eyes, and for me, the wrong colour.

The third product was a re-purchase, the 1 seconde nail polish remover, it's seriously great, fast and leaves my nails smelling super lovely :)  Much easier than faffing about with nail polish remover and cotton pads.

This was a little over budget, coming in at about £18, but that's not bad considering what I managed to get for my money.

What recommendations do you have for next month?

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