Sunday, 26 July 2015

Freedom Makeup London

Freedom Makeup London

A few weeks ago a certain makeup brand made waves in the beauty community once again.  Cast your mind back a good year or so, to when Makeup Revolution launched.  In the years I've been blogging, I've never seen a brand hit the ground running in the way that they did.  They involved bloggers and threw themselves into their community and connected with their customers.

A year later, the brand is massive.  They've amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram and have an impressive presence on Twitter.  

A year on, and they've launched another makeup brand, Freedom Makeup London, again, a budget brand, but this time it's focus and target market are professionals, like a high street version of MAC.

I was a very lucky blogger and received a lovely bundle of makeup from them to try.  I've tried most of it (not all) and wanted to share with you some of the bits I've had, and what I thought of them (where possible).

Of all the lovely things they've sent to me, their Pro Bare Lipstick Collection has been my favourite, specifically the pinkest shade, Sooner or Later.  They're pretty much matte, but not drying (they're not exactly hydrating either) and they're long lasting.  What's also great is that they're only £1 each! (they've also got a pro red collection I have my eye on).

Freedom Makeup London lipsticks

Freedom Makeup London Pro Bare lipstick collection

Freedom Makeup London pro bare lipstick swatches

A picture of me wearing Freedom Makeup London lipstick from Instagram
Me wearing one of the Freedom Makeup London Pro Bare Lipsticks

I've also really liked the fixing spray and the contour kit - both really good products.  I love that the contour kit is matte, I've never been a fan of shimmery bronzers, especially as I only use them to contour with.  The fixing spray really does help to keep my makeup in place all day, definitely worth checking out :)

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