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My Little Road Trip Box | July

My Little Road Trip Box

You know a month is going fast when the July My Little Box landed on my doorstep in what felt like a week since the last one (it wasn't, it was a month).  Needless to say, I was pretty darn gleeful when I saw it (this time I hadn't even looked for spoilers online!).

When it arrived, I did sieze the opportunity to do an unboxing on Periscope and was VERY happy with the contents, and bemused (I'll get to that).  Here's what was inside:

Summer Sorbet - After sun body geleĆ© - £9
After the love I have for the sea salt scrub that was in last month's box, I'm pretty excited by this. I don't tend to let myself get any/much sun as I'm so pale and moley, although I am rocking a pretty epic hand tan right now (true story).  I've had a quick whiff, and yeah, it smells great :D

Garnier Micellar water - £1.99
This is where I was bemused.  So, this arrived on Friday morning.  Rewind back to Tuesday when I popped out at lunch to get my £15 high street challenge stuff for July, and as an impulse buy, I picked up that very same bottle of micellar water in Boots when it was on offer for £1 - so now I have 2 bottles of this which I'm yet to try, lol.  Lets hope I like it!  If nothing else, it'll definitely be used on swatches :)

Essie nail polish - £7.99
Ok, this I was seriously happy about.  When I was live on Periscope, I saw a picture of an Essie nail polish when I was looking through the big leaflet, which made me wonder if there was a bottle inside. I figured if there was, it would be a small bottle, but this my lovelies is a full size bottle! How fab! I love the colour too, burgundy, perfect for the end of summer and going into Autumn (my favourite season, I cannot wait for scarves and warming lattes with cinnamon.... mmmmmmm).

Products inside the July My Little Box

Oh it doesn't stop there! There were also some gold tattoo transfers, you know the ones that go on your wrist?  I'm actually really looking forward to trying these and layering them with some bracelets :)

Gold transfer tattoos in the July My Little Box

This cute little travel journal was also included by BIC with a pen.  There's a cute little illustration on the cover, and inside is blank paper for you to write your travelling thoughts on - how cute!

Small travel journey by My Little Box

Inside a lovely box, was this - it's a travel pouch organiser.  It's waterproof with a zip lock.  When you unfold it there's space for currency, ID/credit cards and your passport - I'll most definitely be using this next time we go abroad (god knows when that'll be!).

Travel Pouch by My Little Box

Inside of a travel pouch

It wouldn't be a My Little Box without a cute little postcard now would it :)

My Little Box July - Postcard

What a beautiful box, and so thematic.  I love how everything is either beautiful, or useful for anyone travelling this Summer.  Such beautiful boxes!  If you want to give these a try, they're £11 plus P&P, you can sign up here.
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