Sunday, 2 August 2015


Hello my lovelies.  I've been going through a bit of a battle with this blog recently, well, with both my blogs and my YouTube channel.  I've loved the last 3.5 years of blogging (nearly 4 years of YouTube) and I've met some really amazing people along the way, people I'd call my actual friends.  

I started off in YouTube, I wanted to take part in something that seemed full of excitement, and because it scared the hell out of me.  From there it evolved to this blog, where I've shared my beauty loves (and some hates) with you with the odd lifestyle post added for good measure.  Then, last March I started Mummy-Pixie to mark my pregnancy and parenting journey.

At one stage my blog seemed to be getting pretty popular (for me), I was up to around 2k page views a day, but then last January my brother died, I was very open and honest about it and talked about it on my blog - for me, that's where the blog started to dwindle - whether it was because I was posting less due to grieving and driving 2,000 miles to Southern France and back for the funeral, or because of the actual content I was posting about it - but at that point my views dropped to about 300 a day... I lost an astonishing amount of daily readers and they never really came back, not like it was before.  It's been a little soul destroying to put so much effort in with my photo's, reviews etc and hardly anyone reading my blog.

The last couple of months I've really struggled to find the time to post regularly enough on my blogs too, since Squidge has become so mobile he's taking up more and more of my time.  Plus, 3 weeks ago I returned to work part-time, rendering me with no time at all to film YouTube videos... so today, I finally made a decision about the future of my blogs and YT channel.

I've decided to close my channel.  I won't delete it, but I won't be uploading any more video's.  As it stands right now, while Squidge naps I don't really have time to set up the camera, do my makeup and film a video (he generally has half hour naps) and put everything away before he's awake - the only space I have to film is our lounge/dining room (which is the whole of the downstairs).  Hopefully when we move house, it'll be to a place where I can have a room for myself, a space to film without disturbing the baby - at that point, I *might* think about starting a new channel with a new focus.

My blogs
I've decided to merge my two blogs, I've thought about it for a long time and feel that it's the right decision.  This blog will remain, with Mummy-Pixie moving to here.

However, this blog isn't getting off scot free either.  It's main focus will no longer be beauty.  Yes, there will still be a fair amount of beauty posts, but it'll be a full on lifestyle blog.  I'll be posting about all aspects of my life (and my family), so things like my crochet projects, before & after pics of whatever house we move to, Squidge growing up, recipes and baking - and of course, still beauty.

You're also going to see a lot less PR samples, I'm going to be a lot more choosy on what I accept, especially as beauty won't be the key focus.  I've still got quite a few reviews (beauty) I'm committed to reviewing over the next few weeks, but once they're done you'll see a big reduction :)

I hope you'll stay with me in this new direction - but I also understand if it's not going to be your kind of blog to read anymore.

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