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FOOD | Beefeater - Walston Castle

Sorry for being absent for so long, I've been taking a much needed blogging break.  I was starting to feel really overwhelmed by it all and needed to take a step back.  I've got a few reviews that I need to get live, but once they're done, expect lots more crochet posts & tutorials and mummy posts :)  Don't worry, there'll still be some beauty posts too :)

A little while ago the hubby, baby and I headed to the Walston Castle Beefeater, it's not far from Barry here in South Wales.  It's one we've been too with friends a couple years ago, so we were a little familiar with it.

When we got there, they didn't have any record of our booking, but were easily able to accommodate us and get us seated, also giving us a high chair :)  They did also give us a colouring in sheet and crayons for Squidge, but he's about 2 years off being able to have them :)

Walston Castle Beefeater


Veg options

Despite it being a 'BEEF'eater, they had a reasonable selection of vegetarian options, including my favourite quorn burgers (yay!). 

For a starter we opted for the garlic tear & share flatbread, it was ENORMOUS!  It came with a dish of herby balsamic vinegar to dip it in which was really yummy - my tip is to only order this if you're sharing it with more than 2 people due to it's enormity! 

Garlic flatbread

Balsamic dipping sauce

Mains! The hubby couldn't help himself, he just *had* to order the fillet steak.  He had it cooked rare and without any sauces - he demolished it pretty darn quickly.  The chips were lovely, crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle, and nice and chunky.  There was a lightly dressed side salad to accompany it too.

I opted for the 'Veg-out burger' which was a quorn burger (I think the quarter pounders) with monterery jack cheese and chargrilled red peppers, ranch dressing and smokey tomato sauce.  It was lovely, and also very quickly demolished by me! It was served with fries and coleslaw, all were lovely.

8oz fillet steak

Quorn burger and fries

Dessert! We couldn't have left without sampling some dessert. The hubby has always loved a good black forest gateaux, but as it's so 80s, you don't really find it anywhere anymore, but I think it's making a comeback, I mean hello, it was on #GBBO!  The portion was massive.  It was moist and super tasty (despite being very full, the hubby managed to make short work of this too).

I opted for the Popcorn & Caramel Sunday.  I have such a soft spot for vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, I'm not sure I can think of a better combination!  Looking at this I did think the popcorn was just on top but it did run all the way through.  I loved that it was caramel popcorn too, extra yummy!

Black Forest Gateaux

Popcorn & caramel sunday

I didn't manage to get a photo, but we did also Squidge a kids meal - chips and strips of chargrilled chicken.  He managed 2 sticks of the chicken and lots of chips (he LOVES chips) and a couple of peas :)  They got a high chair for us and for the most part he was happy while we were there - he did get tired and a bit bored towards the end, but that's just because he's a baby and doesn't like to be immobilised, he wants to crawl and walk everywhere.

All in all we really enjoyed our meal there, the staff were really friendly, the food didn't take long to come and was really tasty.  It came to just over £50 for 3 courses, a drink each and a childs meal, I think that's a brilliant price, especially considering the hubby's main was nearly £20.  We'd definitely go back and would be happy to have all the same things again - well, maybe not the tear & share flatbread, it was lovely, just a bit too much for us with everything else :)
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*Food was complimentary, opinions are my own

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