Sunday, 13 September 2015

BABY | Zara + H&M Clothing Haul

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've written a blog post! I must say, I am loving the balance I have right now, lots of time for crochet and playing on the Xbox :)

Little Squidge is coming up to being 1 year old (where has the time gone!?) and will be needing the next size up in clothes soon (12-18 months).  He's still got quite a bit of wear in some of his current size clothes (9-12 months) but aside from that, I also need to start incorporating warmer clothes into his wardrobe - stupid me expected a nice summer so bought loads of romper suits (short legs and sleeves) and he's had hardly any opportunity to wear them.

I've started picking up some bits so they can be washed, dried and ready for him to wear.  The first things I picked up were from H&M - I was waiting for a lift from the hubby and popped in there while I was waiting - I saw a couple of great pieces I just *had* to buy him :)

Baby boots

Baby led zepplin t shirt

Bear jumper from H&M

Navy blue anchor shirt from H&M

Then when I was chatting to someone at work about baby clothes, they reminded me how fab the Zara baby stuff is, and in my opinion, not too expensive either (considering the price of their grown-ups clothes!).

I ordered these online - I did order one other thing (some cartoon leggings, which have since arrived separately).

Baby boy yellow stripe top from Zara baby boy

White baby top from Zara baby

Blue and white stripe top from Zara Baby

Never grow up blue star top for baby boys from Zara

Red zig zag stripe baby boy leggings

Zara baby boy blue stripe leggings

Zara baby boy skinny jeans in navy blue

From Sainsburys (I don't have pics) we also picked up some bibs (over the head ones) and next size socks too (these are still too big for him and go up to his knees!).  I still need to get him vests, sleepsuits/pyjamas, a jumper and a cardigan or two, and a couple more tops and trousers, oh and a new coat, and possibly and all in one snow suit for when it's really cold.

I'm pretty happy with these - my only issue was with the red leggings from Zara, there is quite a lot of excess thread inside them, so I'm going to need to do some work on those to sort them out before he wears them.

I also have some John Lewis vouchers to buy him some clothes with, I've already got my eye on a navy blue body warmer from them which I'll be getting him :D

What do you think of these picks?

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