Monday, 28 September 2015

Miffy's Back!


This post is for all of you out there with little ones :)  Do you remember Miffy? The cute little rabbit? Well she's back, and celebrating her 60th birthday (awww).  A new show is being launched over on the Freeview channel, Tiny Pop.  Tiny Pop is one of Squidge's favourites (we don't have Sky or Cable) - every time the ident comes on singing 'tiny pop' he stops what he's doing to happily watch, it's really very cute.

Miffy's TV poster
The new show is called Miffy's Adventures Big and Small and launches on Friday 2nd October at 7pm.  Sadly, Squidge will be in bed when this is on, but I will record if for him so he can watch it when he has his breakfast on Saturday morning.  This is the first time Miffy has been immortalised in CGI too, if the stills are anything to go by, it's been done really well :)  The show will see Miffy exploring the world around her with some happy singing too.

Miffy twitter party invite

To celebrate the launch of the new series, they're also holding a twitter party where they'll be giving away goody bags (and cake?), this is on Friday 2nd October at 1pm - just be sure to tag @Miffy_UK in your tweets and use the hashtag #miffytime :)

What's your child's favourite shows to watch?


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