Friday, 16 October 2015


Dobble tin

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably know I love playing board games, and not your every day games like Monopoly, but what I call 'proper' games :)  That could be a big meaty game like Agricola or the LOTR Card game, or something more light and fun and quick, like Dobble.

Dobble cards

The best way to describe Dobble, is that it's like snap, but WAY more fun and manic!  The game comes in a solid metal tin (great for chucking in your bag) filled with round cards.  Each card has 8 symbols on it, and one symbol from each card will match any other card in the deck.  Your job is to find that symbol quicker than every one else - not as easy as it sounds!  

Here's a test - in the next 2 pictures, can you spot the matching symbols?

Dobble cards to show the symbols

Dobble cards - can you find the matching symbols?

There's lots of different mini-games you can play too which gives it much more life and replayability. My two favs are The Towering Inferno - this is where you have a draw pile in the middle of the table and at the same time you all turn over a card - you then have to match a symbol from your card to the draw pile and if you match it, you take the card from the draw pile and add it to your pile and keep going until the draw pile is gone.  Whoever has the most cards, wins!  I also really like the mini-game 'The Well' it's basically the opposite, all the cards get dealt, and only one card is in the middle, you turn it over and you need to match your hand to the pile in the middle, and the first to get rid of their cards wins. 

Dobble set up
The set up for 'The Towering Inferno'

The more people you play this with, the more manic (and better) it gets, it really is a lot of fun :) It's available at Waterstones for £12.99*, or online at Argos and WH Smith - if you're having a games night, this is a brilliant one to either kick off with, or end on :)
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