Thursday, 22 October 2015

Life with a baby toddler

Squidge sharing Daddy's breakfast

Squidge has only just turned one, but already we’re seeing him turning into a toddler.  He’s become very adept at throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants, well, more like when we tell him he can’t do something, or take a scrap of paper/fleck of stuff out of his hands before he puts it in his mouth. We’ve also noticed when he’s teething, he has absolutely no tolerance to hear the word ‘no’ or be told off in any way.

At the weekend, he reached over and turned the computer off, as I saw him reach I said ‘no no no no no’ – not to tell him off, but to try and stop him doing it as the hubby had the computer on to do his uni work, and really didn’t want it to be turned off.

Well, just me saying that was enough to see his bottom lip quiver, and a full on meltdown ensue. Don’t get this confused with a tantrum, this is like his world falling apart, he’ll sit there and cry his little eyes out, tears pouring out, almost inconsolable.  In fact, the same say when he was grinding his teeth I said ‘Oh Squidge, don’t do that it sounds horrible’ – ensue hysterical inconsolable crying again.

Aside from tantrums and other toddler-specific events, he’s also walking.  Not just with a walker, but independently – every day I see him do better and better, and can now walk a good 20-odd steps before either falling over or reaching his destination.  He can walk, stop, bend down, pick something up, and carry on.  And he’s on the cusp of just being able to stand up without holding on to anything – he tries but can’t quite do it.  The funniest thing is the little zombie walk he does - arms out in front of him as he toddles from side to side, hilarious! 

I appreciate he’s far from being at the terrible two’s, but after experiencing his tantrums where he throws his head back and arches his back, puts his arms up in the air when you try to pick him up (so you can’t grip onto him), screams in protest and clenches his fist in anger, I’m cautiously nervous for how much worse it might get.

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