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MAYBELLINE | New Launches

New Maybelline releases

A short while ago I was lucky enough to try out lots of the new releases by Maybelline, one of my top high street makeup brands.  I honestly didn't expect to receive so much, so thank you very much Maybelline :)  As always this review is honest and balanced, so some things are great, and some things aren't - I'll let you know what I think about each piece :)

Colour Sensational Creamy Mattes

First off, I absolutely love the range of colours - pinks, reds (and slightly coral) and nude.  Most of which are colours I'd wear.  A few weeks ago I went to a blogger event and wore a combination of Siren in Scarlet (the 4th shade in) and Divine Wine - I found Siren in Scarlet was a little light for what I wanted, so with a lip brush I went over it with Divine Wine and ended up with the most beautiful red lip.

What struck me the most about these is their lasting power, seriously impressive.  I applied the lipstick at about 10am, and by 5pm it still looked immaculate (without reapplication!).  There was no bleeding or fading, it looked perfect! Have a look at my Instagram pic below, taken after the event, after drinking prosecco and eating a cupcake, having lunch and a lot of chatter.

New Maybelline matte lipsticks

Babylips - new shades/scents

I really am a big fan of Babylips.  There's only one I don't really like (the lemon one, I find it a bit waxy).  Both of these are absolutely gorgeous.  The smell fantastic and look lovely on.  They keep my lips well hydrated and don't break the bank.  The one on the left is melon mania, and the one on the right is peach punch :)
New Maybelline babylips flavours

Master Ink liquid eyeliner

They've also released some new liquid eyeliners, both with a different finish, one satin and one matte. I'm not really a fan of a satin finish, I like my eyeliner to be bold and matte.  You can see in the swatches below the matte eyeliner is the best pigmented one too.  I was a bit dubious about these as when I tired the master drama eyeliner it did transfer onto my lid, but I'm pleased to report these don't budge!  The matte one is the only liquid eyeliner I've worn these past few weeks and it stays put really well and the applicator is nice and easy to use.

Maybelline Master Ink liquid eyeliner

New maybelline liquid eyeliner

Master liquid eyeliner swatches
Satin on the left, matte on the right

Colossal Go Chaotic mascara

If you're a long time reader of mine, you'll know I'm a massive fan of Maybelline mascara, I really think they offer the best of the high street.  The original Colossal was one of my favs of theirs (combined with The Falsies).  This version of Colossal is decent, I like the wand, but I do still prefer the original.  I found I had more voluminous lashes with the original which is what I look for, as I'm lucky in already having fairly long lashes.
Maybelline Colossal Go Chaotic Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Go Chaotic wand

Master Brow pro palette

This lovely little palette comes with a double-ended applicator and 3 formulas.  One is a wax (the one on the left) and the other two are powders, one for the brows, and one to highlight the brow bone with.  What I like, is that if you're going for a more natural looking brow, you'll really like this.  The pigmentation is decent, but not dramatic, so you're not likely to overdo your brows.  For me, this is best suited to when my brows are well maintained and need just a bit of filling in (as opposed to trying to create something out of nothing).
Maybelline Master brow palette

Maybelline pro brow palette

So there you have my thoughts on the newest releases from Maybelline.  For me the main highlights are the lipsticks (which are seriously amazing) and the matte liquid eyeliner.

What would be your pick of the collection?

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