Saturday, 20 February 2016

Grobag Travel sleeping bag

Squidge fast asleep at 7am in his sleeping bag, it was so horrible waking him up!

I work 4 days a week, Mon-Thurs and each day we’re out of the house pretty early, usually when it’s still very cold. Each morning we drop Squidge off at his grandparents (Teddy Bears and Cardigans) before heading to work. But we were struggling to keep him warm in the car – even with putting 3-4 blankets on him to keep him cozy.

Back in December I discovered that Grobag sell something called a  Travel Gro Bag – it’s a sleeping bag that you can use with a car seat – there’s a hole (covered by a flap) at the front and back so you can harness them into a seat safely. We thought we’d give it a go – it can’t be worse than the blankets?

The Grobag in it's packaging

Of the sleeping bags we have for Squidge, the Grobag Travel is by far the nicest. It’s thick and beautiful quality. The cotton is really soft.  I’m also totally in love with the pattern on the front (dinosaurs). We opted for a 2.5 tog as we were heading into Winter at the time, and his room can get quite nippy in the middle of the night. It costs £29.99* for his size, and you can really feel the difference in quality compared to the £15 supermarket ones we’ve used before.

Squidge in his sleeping bag, safely strapped in to his rear-facing car seat

It took a few go’s to get the hang of getting the strap through but as long as you make sure the sleeping bag isn’t bunched up on your little one it should be easy enough.  Once strapped in, he feels really secure, I’m confident he’s not going anywhere!

Most importantly, he arrives at his grandparents nice and warm and cozy J  He’s starting to grow out of this one and the weather is warming up, so we’ll be purchasing the next size up soon, but in a 1 tog ready for Summer.


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