Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Life update | Babies, moving home and life after maternity

I know I do regular updates on the little man and how he's getting on, but I don't write many updates on how life is in general.

Trying for babies

So we've decided we're ready to try for baby #2! It's not the best time as we're in the process of moving house, but it took 8 months to concieve Squidge, so we thought we'd better get started :) We're pretty sure that in January I had what's called a chemical pregnancy.  I started having some feint positive tests (testing before my period was due (within 6 days) using a First Response Early Result test) which got stronger. But then, the day my period was due, my period arrived, and wasn't like any other period I've ever had. I won't go into detail, but I was pretty confident I was losing the pregnancy.

A lot of people say ‘if you hadn’t of tested, you would never have known’ but I disagree.  At least, with the period I had, I could tell.  Anyway, after that blip we stopped trying for a month – I’d heard that after something like that you have increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy for the next cycle, so we thought we better wait.

Moving home!

It’s so exciting to say that we’re moving!  We don’t have a date yet, but a date is imminent and is likely to be in 2-4 weeks. Everything is with the solicitors at the moment and has been for over 6 weeks.  We’re moving to a slightly bigger home (3 bedrooms) with a much bigger garden. More to the point, we’re moving from a new-build type house, to an old Victorian town house, that has a wood burning stove!!! I honestly can’t wait for Christmas, the hubby will have finished his OU degree, we can light the real fire and enjoy Squidge opening his presents :)

Returning to work after maternity, nearly a year on

So in July I’ll have been back at work for a year, and I’ll be honest, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. The work is good, I’ve always enjoyed what I do and who I work for, in fact, I’m very proud of where I work. But I haven’t found it to be easy. I didn’t expect it to be such an emotional thing, this far on. It was like starting a new job, except you know most of the people there (with a few exceptions), but because you weren’t there for 9 months, you feel like you know nothing. People then assume you don’t know/remember anything, so stop asking you for your thoughts and advise.

For me, I’ve felt like an extra in a long running tv show, a temporary addition that offers little value, but are necessary for the narrative. No one is to blame, it’s just how it feels.

2016 – To blog or not to blog

I did think this might be the year I stop blogging, as you know, I’ve barely blogged – only about once a week on average. But for the first time in close to a year, I’ve started to really feel the pangs to blog again. I’m finding my feet again and feeling like I might have something of worth to say.  Maybe my lull all tied in with how I’ve felt on returning to work? Hmm, that might be a bit of an epiphany!

Growing older

Sunday marks my birthday, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll be 37, that’s so depressing! I had hoped to be pregnant again by now, and do feel sad that I’m not, but I remain hopeful that I will be at some point again this year.  I’ve no idea what we’re going to do for the big day, probably not very much.  The hubby has an insane amount of uni work on at the moment, so more than likely he’ll need to focus on that – then in the evening we’ll have a cheeky curry and some birthday cake.

Slimming world

I’ve rejoined slimming world! I’ve been back on it for about 6 weeks and so far I’ve lost 1 stone.  I’ve done it twice before, each time losing 4 stone, and then over the next year or so putting it all back on. I always found it easy in the past, but this time I’m really struggling, all I want to do is have chocolate and bake cookies. I’m pretty much having my birthday weekend off it, then back on plan on Monday.  I am trying to keep as low-syn as possible this week though, just to help take the edge off the weekend (if that’s even possible!).

So that's my life at the moment, a bit up and down, but mostly good :)

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