Saturday, 14 January 2012

My experience of Fat Cat Mascara by MeMeMe

Ok - so I was heading down for a funeral, hence wanting to buy a 'waterproof' mascara. Now, in Supadrug, the label on the mascara that had the price on it said 'Fat Cat Waterproof Mascara, £7.99'. I couldn't see anything on the actual packaging saying waterproof, but none of the others were, so assumed the label was right.


So, of course at the funeral, I shed a few tears, and as I gently brushed my eye lashes, black streaks came off all over my finger, definitely NOT waterproof! Now, even though it wasn't waterproof, doesn't mean it was bad. It gave me great lashes, now excuse the photo, yes my eyebrows need some TLC, and yes, this was after wearing makeup for 10 hours :)

The Fat Cat Mascara, gave me lashes, nearly as good as my Urban Decay Skyscraper multi-benefit Mascara w

hich retails at £15 from Debenhams here in the UK. Pics below.

and open...

I didn't find that the Fat Cat Mascara clumped my eye lashes, the brush applicator wasn't as good as the Urban Decay one which I usually use, but it was pretty decent, and lets not forget, half the price :) I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my Skyscraper mascara just yet, but I'm really pleased with the Fat Cat one :)

Pixi3 out xxx


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