Monday, 20 February 2012

Bare Minerals Powder Foundation

So about a week ago I purchased some new foundation. Exciting!

Recently I've been mostly using my Estee Lauder Double Wear, which I've seriously fallen out of love with :( sadface :( I received a couple of small samples of Chanel's vita luminaire and their lift luminaire, which I really liked both of. But I was looking to try something a little different. My skin is getting better and better all the time, so I'm needing less and less heavy coverage. So I popped over to the bare minerals counter in my local dept. store and was swiftly introduced to their Get Started Complexion kit in the lightest shade by a very bubbly woman!

She offered to apply some to my face, but I was already wearing full foundation, so she kindly removed it all, and applied the bare minerals powder foundation. To be fair, she was really good, she explained how to apply it step by step and what results to expect. I loved loved loved the results! It was exactly what I was looking for, a really natural look and coverage, but still evening out my skin tone. I had some vouchers to spend, so decided to splurge on the full kit for £49 and that was a week ago. I've worn it every day since :)

Here's a little screenie of their website with the kit on :)

I've had no movement of it on my face at all, no real gathering of it in any tiny wrinkles or creases, and what I like most, is that if I touch my face, my finger isn't covered in foundation :)

What you get
In the box you get 3 x Brushes (a foundation brush, a 'warmth' application brush and a concealer brush), also 2 foundation colours in a slightly smaller size than their usual full size, a 'warmth' (I'll explain after) and a finishing powder. Oh and a primer.

The brushes are really soft, the first couple of times you use them bits break off everywhere though! And, lots of the bristles come out - but after that it's not so bad.

Other than the brushes here's all the face products you get. The primer is the weirdest texture I've ever known! It's a liquid, but the second it touches your face, it feels like a powder.
It's definitely matifying and very odd, I like it though :)

Of the two foundation colours you get in the 'light' kit, I'm currently using the 'light' not 'fairly light' as it is winter and I add colour back in with 'warmth'. The 'warmth' is basically a bronzer. The foundation adds an even colour all over the skin, and the 'warmth' as they call it you put in a 3 and e shape all over your face, which is basically top of the hair line, down the cheek and under the jaw, which is basic contouring. Then you finish off with the finishing powder, which I might add is just lovely :) It's so light and delicate, exactly what you want in a setting agent, nothing heavy.

Overall the foundation feels wonderful on my face, and most of the time I have no idea I'm wearing it. I don't have to maintain it at all, I've definitely popped my bare minerals cherry with this haul <3

Pixi3 out


  1. may i ask why you fell out of love with your estee lauder doublewear? i own the same product. ive had some serious breakouts going on that came out of nowhere. i like the foundation but it is SOOO HEAVY and ridiculously hard to wash off. i think it would be better for special occasions only like a wedding or going to a party, def not normal day wear and for $35 ... that kind of sucks. good coverage if you have bad skin (like me atm) but its too "hardcore" for me.

    1. Hi there :). It was for much the same reason, the coverage was far too heavy, and a nightmare to wash off, the product would move on my face, so I'd be forever having to re-smooth it over in the mirror all day etc. it just felt very heavy on my skin, ESP if applied with a foundation brush. Also my skin is much clearer than it used to be so I don't need that heavy coverage anymore :)

  2. im glad your skin has cleared up! i also noticed that with a foundation brush it is just ridiculously too much. i use my hands or a sponge makeup pad if i HAVE to. atm i cant wear anything because my derm. gave me a topical acne cream that caused an allergic reaction and now my face is peeling puffy and bright red. thus the reason i need bare minerals for when my face calms down. it is sooo bad... this sounds super vain but my face is so much worse now than when i came into the dermatologist's office and i literally cry everytime i look in the mirror. oh the cream also made me break out even more. :(

  3. Awww :( I really don't know what to suggest. For my skin I'd used and still do, Nivea Visage pure and natural. It's got Argan oil in it which helps to clear breakouts and acne scars, it's really helped. But if your skin is that sensitive it's probably not a good idea... well, I hope it gets better soon, keep me posted :)

  4. I use Bare Minerals as my only face product, and I LOVE it. One thing I found out, though, is that I get a better "overall" coverage if I apply it with their "handy buki" brush instead of the foundation brush. Since the bristles are tighter together on the buki brush it acts like a really good overall base that adds a little more product than the looser foundation brush that came in my kit.
    Also, I apply all over my face first, and then go back with the concealer brush and add a bit more coverage on my problem areas. The handy buki just pulls all the concealed spot jobs I've done if I do the concealer brush first.
    If you get around to trying it, let me know what you think!!

    1. You've made a good point actually, I don't even own a Kabuki brush! When I'm off my project 10 pan, that's definitely going to be on my purchase list :) I do tend to use the concealer brush to go over 'troubled areas', it's a great trick in place of concealer :) I'll be honest though, at the moment I'm really loving the Ginvera BB cream, it's my go to foundation - smells lovely and great coverage and looks even more natural than the bare minerals :)


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