Monday, 6 February 2012

Chanel and Smashbox Haul (and MAC, and L'Oreal)

Hey guys - I just wanted to share a few things with you that I've bought recently, I've done a Haul video to go with these too which you can check out below :)

So the first purchase I was and still am, super excited about! It's the Chanel single eyeshadow in Fauve (90). Lots of the youtube beauty guru's I follow have raved about this colour so I felt it was worth a trip to Chanel to pick up :) And I'll tell you what, it does not disappoint! It's the most beautiful colour, and depending on the lighting, depends on what colour it looks like. It's got brown, mauve and taupe in it.

The swatch on the left (above) is a dry swatch, and the one on the right is a wet swatch. The left one doesn't really do it justice, it's a stunning colour and I just can't get enough of it :)

Also from Chanel, I bought their Le Vernis Nail Colour in 521 Rose Cache, I do have quite mixed feelings about this colour. It's my first Chanel nail polish, and before judging the entire line, I will try other colours first. With this one, I had to apply it 3 times before I couldn't see my nail colour underneath, so I was a bit disappointed, but that could be the colour itself because it is very nude, which is what I was going for :) It's a bit orangy in the pic but, nice to see it on the nails too :)

Ok - on to Smashbox :) Really pleased to see them here in the UK and in Cardiff, hadn't seen them here before so I was very happy about that :) I'd initially gone to Chanel to buy their new Spring 2012 blusher, howerver, it was £45 and as amazing as it was, I just didn't want to spend that much money on it, so I decided to get a smashbox blusher instead :) It's in the colour Chiffon - it's a beautiful peach toned blush with tiny teeny sparkly bits in - but not too many :) The blush was about £18. The Chanel nail varnish was £17.50 and the eye shadow single was ..... £22 I think!

Since I bought those, I've also been back to visit MAC to pick up the Mineralize Skinfinish blush in Blonde - on launch day here in the UK! So excited! It's so so so pretty, you've basically got 4 pinks running through it from darker to light - the lighest one I'm tending to use as a highlight on the top of my cheekbones, and the darker side as the actual blush, it's actually really nice on top of my Chanel blush in number 18 Orchid Rose or on top of the Smashbox blush. This cost... £22 I think - maybe 50p less, but there abouts.

Then, today I had to pick up a new liquid eye liner as it seems my cat has hidden my Chanel one. And by that, I mean that I chucked the eyeliner on the bed, then went to pack it away later and it was gone. My cat is notorious for throwing things on the floor, then playing with them until they're hidden from hooman sight :) So, as I can't find it, I thought I'd grab the opportunity to try a new one, whoop! I picked up a L'Oreal Perfect Thin Super Liner in Intense Black, it has a foam applicator which I love love love! This takes me back to an old Max Factor one I used to use, so I was really happy with that. I applied it on top of the gel liner I was wearing when I got home and it's still going strong with no bleeding etc so I'm really happy with it. I think it was about £7-8, so watch this space for a proper review on it :)

That's it for now, thanks for reading :)

Here's the video



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  1. i have alot of chanel polishes and they are very good but i had the same problem with the nudes please check out my blog im only twelve so its slightly dodgy but oh well:(


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