Sunday, 25 March 2012

Quick update :)

Hey everyone, just a quick update for you.

So sorry I haven't done a blog post in over a week - I've been ill with headaches for the last couple of weeks, I've been back and forth to the Drs so I'm taking care of it - but I've just not felt up to updating my blog - but thanks for being patient :)

That aside, I just wanted to remind you that I'm doing a giveaway for when I hit 50 subscribers, it's open to everyone in the world so get sharing :) It'll be a selection of British makeup, so stuff from MUA, Sleek and perhaps GOSH or Fashionista :) Once I hit 50 subscribers I'll post a question on my blog which you'll need to reply to - I'll then pick a winner at random :)

Upcoming Blogs
Just to give you a heads up of what you can expect from this blog in the next few weeks is going to be more in-depth reviews of some of my recent purchases, as well as doing more tutorials. I tend to make my tutorials on YouTube, but I want to do more for my blog, so I'll be posting more of them here soon too :)

Ok - so as you may or may not know, I went on a no-buy for February which, I did stick to :) I'm now on a no-buy for April too - it's a busy and expensive month for me as it's my Birthday and we're going away to Ireland to visit family, but I already have a small list of a couple of things I want to get in May :) Once I've bought those things (I'll literally be a replacement liquid eyeliner, a sleek blush pallet, a sleek contour pallet, and a maybelline colour tattoo), I'll then be doing Project 10 Pan which I'll be blogging about too :) So, while on project 10 pan, I shant be purchasing anymore makeup too (unless of course it's something I don't have a replacement for, like liquid eyeliner, mascara etc).

Questions / Ideas
Now, it's all well and good me saying what I want to do on the blog for the next few weeks etc, but what would you like to see? Would you like to see more tutorials? or more in-depth reviews? perhaps some more personal stuff like 'get to know me' questions etc? Please reply in a comment below to let me know what you'd like to see and I promise I'll try my best to honour your requests :)

Anyway, just wanted to give you a bit of an update. I'm hoping to have another blog update next weekend, so you've got this week to let me know what it is you'd like to see :)

Thanks again,


Friday, 16 March 2012

Revlon Lip Butters - they're finally here in the UK!!!

Guys guys guys, I'm super excited!!! I've been searching and searching for the lip butters for days / weeks now, and after reading up about other girls who've managed to get places like Superdrug to sell them to them before being showcased I thought I'd try my luck at my local superdrug too, and boy am I glad I did!!!

So, I'll cut to the chase, I bought 4 awesome colours!!! Lollipop, Creme Brulee, Cupcake and

Strawberry Shortcake - Lollipop is definitely my favourite, I'm actually wearing it as we speak I love it so much!

All of the colours are gorgeous - and I'm pretty sure I will wear them to death :p

As for the consistency they are exactly as we've all watched and read about - a balm, a lipstick, a gloss - all rolled into one - they have a lovely finish on them and they all have different qualities, some are more matt than others, some have glitter, some don't etc, but ultimately what brings them all together, is their pure awesomeness! They are so wearable, and for what they are, I'm happy with how well they last. I've been wearing the Lollipop colour now for about 3 hours, I've
had 1 cup of tea (which quite a bit of lipstick was left on the cup), but my lips still look well covered and I haven't had to re-apply.

Here's some swatches for you :)

I believe Superdrug will be having an offer on them which will be 2 for £9.99, they wern't on offer for me, I paid £7.99 for each of them, which is about $10 each - so quite a lot, but on offer they'll be a great deal :) I paid it anyway as I really wanted them :)

So all in all, very very happy and impressed - well done Revlon - I'm so glad I've re-discovered you :)

Pixi3 out

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mini OPI and MUA Nail haul

(5 points if you see my cat in this picture) :)
Hey everyone - I wanted to get this done as I've got some great new colours to show you :) I will be doing an EPIC haul post soon - been a bit poorly this weekend so haven't been up to it, but I wanted to get this post up for you :)

So - on BuyaPowa the other day I managed to grab the OPI dutch treats - it's a set of 4 mini's from their Dutch collection - the 4 gorgeous colours are 'I have a Herring Problem', 'Red Lights Ahead... Where?', 'Kiss me on my Tulips' and 'Pedal Faster Suzi!' - Great names!

These are my first OPI purchases, previously I haven't been very impressed with them (with my limited experience of other people putting it on me when doing my nails), I find that they're very thick and take a while to dry, however, I was actually very impressed with these. They dried quickly, 2 coats gave a flawless finish with no streaking and really beautiful colours. So, I take back everything I said! I'd certainly be open to trying some more in the future thanks to that little set :) Each of the varnishes in the set are 3.75 ml, all 4 of them together are the
same as a full size one and in total it came to £8 with the discount for doing it on BuyaPowa.

Ok - MUA - I've tried a couple of their products in the past, like their Mosaic Blush in English Rose (and loved it!) but I really wanted to try their varnishes too as they had some really nice colours. I have to say, I was impressed, I bought 3, each of them is 6.2 ml, so not very big bottles, but they are only £1 each!! Bargain! I bought shades 12, 19 and 24. They apply really well, I wasn't expecting much considering their price but I was really happy - the only negative I could think of was the brush, it wasn't the best as it was a bit splayed out, but you can't expect perfection for £1 each. The colours apply really well, 2 coats is enough for great coverage. On my acrylic nails they don't have a lot of natural sheen so they definitely needed a clear top coat, but most varnishes do anyway. A definite thumbs up :)

I did also purchase a colour of theirs in their Love Hearts series, it's in the colour U & I - a bright yellow (pastel) colour. It applies as well as the others, and costs £2. I just don't think the colour suited me that well, not with my fair skin tone. One nice thing I did notice when I was wearing it though was that it made my skin look darker, like I had a light tan, and that I liked :) The bottle is slightly bigger than the other ones at 6.8ml but in my opinion,
wasn't worth the extra £1.

And, I know it's not nails, but I really wanted to mention the MUA Love Hearts lip balm I bought too, it's in the colour Sugar Lips and has the most amazing scent / taste - it smells like butter frosting on a cupcake, really really lovely :) It feels nice and conditioning on the lips and provides a hint of fresh pink colour - I think this was either £1 or £2 too - so really happy with that :)

Pixi3 out

Monday, 5 March 2012

Neon Trend - Update!

Hey guys, so when I was out shopping today, I found a great dupe for the Cambridge Satchel that I posted below. It's in H&M - they have an almost exact copy, in bright yellow for £14.99 instead of the Cambridge one which is £75 - so if you like that bag, head to H&M :)

Have a look for yourself!

Above - Cambridge Satchel - retails for just under £75

Above - H&M's version for £14.99.....

Pixi3 out

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Seasonal Trend - Neons!

Hey everyone! Thought I'd do a slightly different post today - this is about this seaons' trend, which if you've been following it at all, you'll already know is Neon!

This really takes me back to the 80's, wearing neon earrings and jewellery, and bright (but pastel) eye shadows :) Oh and lets not forget crimped hair teased up to the max!

So the question is, how do I look on trend, without looking like the 80's has thrown up on me? Well, there's a few nice ways you can do this.

The Cambridge Satchel company have released a gorgeous range of their bags in neon shades - not dissimilar to the Rebecca Minkoff bags which retail for around the £200 mark.

The Classic satchel (one pictured) retails for about £75 and as you can see, comes in a great range of on-trend colours too :)

Also - the likes of TopShop and New Look, amongst many others, are selling a great range of bright coloured ballet pumps at the moment (and with a special mention to top shop for their awesome trackstar chunky hi-top trainers - I WILL be getting a pair of these) :)

Now, if bright shoes and Neon bags aren't your thing, OPI are doing a great collection of bright / Neon colours at the moment, these are available on their website as well as in department stores that sell OPI :)

MAC are also doing a great collection of colours bright for the spring in their Shop / Cook collection available online, and I believe that their flagship store in London. So, instead of accessorising for the season, perhaps team up with a pastel matt lip, bight eye and neon nails :)

Hope you've enjoyed this slightly different post :)

Pixi3 out

Makeup Subscriber Giveaway!!!!!

Hey guys! So exciting news, I've decided to do a giveaway for when I reach 50 Subscribers :) Once I hit 50, I'll do a makeup related question that you'll need to reply to in a comment and a winner will be picked at random :)

It's going to be a selection of British makeup and it's open Internationally :)

So spread the word, share the blog, tweet it to your friends, followers, and family and you could be in with a chance of winning a bunch of makeup and all you have to do is read and enjoy (ok, and tell everyone!) about a blog you like <3

I'm going to start doing giveaways for reaching certain tartets of subscribers, and 50 is the first target :)

So get sharing my lovelies :)

Pixi3 out

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